Top Features That Should Be Standard In Every Car

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Top Features That Should Be Standard In Every Car

Nowadays cars come with a plethora of features intended to improve luxury, comfort and convenience. Advancements in digital technology and the availability of components at competitive rates have made this possible. Car manufacturers can go for components and innovative elements without spending much. On the other hand, a few features are reserved for the top-end variants only. Predominantly due to the exorbitant costs of such components.

We are looking at some of the features that would not cost a fortune. Hence, the manufacturers can consider installing those to all models including the basic ones. These characteristics would make driving comfortable and the travel cool. We believe that car brands can think of standardized cars. With all the models having these elements as the basic features.

Dead Pedal

A dead pedal is an advisable feature in both automatic and manual cars. It offers a comfortable place for resting your left foot. As the foot doesn’t have much activity during long drives. Otherwise, it turns out a difficult thing for the drivers to find a suitable position to rest the foot.

Steering-mounted Controls

Steering-mounted control is a speciality of top segment cars or top variants from a particular model. In all the other cars, the controls are installed on the centre console. This not only causes discomfort while trying to operate but also is a matter of concern as the driver has to focus on both the road and the control switch. The distraction can lead to grave accidents. Companies should offer steering-mounted control across the board, in all the models. It will not cost much for the car manufacturer to install steering-mounted control.

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Centralized Locking

Centralised door locking is convenient as well as safe. It can be operated even from a distance. Hence, you do not have to reach the car physically to confirm whether the vehicle is locked or not. Many a time, people miss out on locking the car. They might have returned after shopping carrying heavy luggage. They may remember about locking the car after reaching the apartment. With the central locking system, the person can lock the car from the apartment, which might be on the second or third floor.

Headrests on the Rear Seat

Headrests for the rear seat passengers are actually a crucial requirement. Their neck remains unsupported throughout the journey, causing a load on the tissues. Constant travel in this condition can become painful, in turn causing other medical conditions. Furthermore, the lack of a headrest can have serious repercussions in the event of an accident. The rear headrest feature should be standard in every car.

Power Windows

Power windows are a feature that adds to the comfort of the passengers. They can raise or lower the windows without taking the effort of rotating the lever. We believe that the latest models should give up the manual windows and should install power windows in all the models and variants. More than the effort for operating the lever, the obsolescence of the system is what makes us think this way. Modern-day cars should be modern in all aspects.

Day-Night Rear View Mirror

The high beam light from the car behind you would be reflected on the rearview mirror, making you blind. This irritating issue can be resolved with the day/night rearview mirror. Such a rearview mirror would be of immense help in reducing the strain on the eyes during night drive.

Power Steering

Although most of the cars come with power steering, we included this as some of the basic models do not offer the feature. The manual steering option should not be there at all, in the family car segments. The load on the steering takes away the pleasure of driving. Imagine how unpleasant it would be to sweat out while on a pleasure trip with family.

Automatic Climate Control System

It is a difficult task to keep on adjusting the temperature at some type of climatic conditions. Most of the time the driver will get distracted adjusting the blower setting. The automatic climatic control system could be a part of at least cars above six lakhs. The 3-zone and 4-zone temperature control would make the journey enjoyable for people with different temperature preferences.

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Navigation System

The navigation system is another advisable feature on all cars. In this era of technology, it would not be a good idea to stop at every junction to enquire the directions about a specific place. A GPS-aided navigation system would be a good choice for all cars. This would become handy for people preferring to travel long distances. With India’s own NavIC (IRNSS) becoming fully operational, it would be more effective and useful.

Our Verdict

We are of the opinion that the features we mentioned here would not cost heavy at all. Therefore, it should not be a problem for car manufacturers to consider the installation of these characteristics. Moreover, it would indicate the caring attitude of the car brands. Creating a positive image, which would be instrumental in sales.

We hope that the features we discussed here may become standard soon. With that, the customers with budget constraints can also enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable drive in the basic models as well. 

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