What is Smart Hybrid Technology in Cars

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Smart Hybrid Technology in Cars

Man is trying to turn eco-friendly as much as possible. With the realization that emissions are destroying the environment and without preservation, life on the earth will become perilous, we have introduced advanced technologies and systems that help conserve nature. Governments across the globe are instituting measures to reduce pollution and implementing promotional tactics for increasing the popularity of electric vehicles.

Smart Hybrid technology has borne out of Maruti Suzuki’s commitment toward the environment. The technology is aimed at multiple objectives including enhanced efficiency, reduced pollution and improved performance. We will look into the special features of smart hybrid technology or SHVS, which stands for Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki.

What is Smart Hybrid Technology from Maruti Suzuki?

The smart hybrid technology consists of an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and Advanced Dual-battery System. Both the main components are fused together to enhance the efficiency of the engine and ensure optimal performance. At the same time, reducing the adverse effect on the environment.

The Integrated Starter Generator has been installed instead of an alternator, which was a part of the engine system erstwhile. It supports and augments the engine power phenomenally. The combination of the Lead-Acid battery and the Lithium-Ion battery is another feature that makes the Smart Hybrid system superior among the hybrid systems offered by different brands.

Advantages of Smart Hybrid Technology from Maruti Suzuki

As we have described, the smart hybrid technology from Maruti Suzuki outperforms the other hybrid engines effortlessly. The system designed by expert engineers, after exhaustive research and development, has several positive features.

Boosts Torque and Assist during Acceleration

The dual battery setup, in the smart hybrid engine, stores energy produced. This would be supplied to the ISG to boost acceleration performance.

Recycling Energy and Avoids Loss

There are numerous instances, wherein the energy is wasted or lost. This includes occasions of sudden braking and rapid reduction of speed. In normal engines, the energy lost could not be recovered at all. However, the smart hybrid technology helps in recycling the lost energy and saves it in the dual battery set up. The energy would be utilized at occasions when the engine needs an additional push.

Reduces Load on the Engine During Idling RPM

It is a normal thing in India, to wait in traffic signals or get trapped in traffic jams. We would be wasting minutes and hours in the traffic, putting the engine in idling RPM. The smart hybrid engine would be shut down automatically, during such situations. Thereby avoiding loss of fuel.

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Easy Start and Stop Functionalities

The engine stops automatically when the car is idling RPM for a certain time. You don’t have to press the start button or turn the key to start it again. Just press the clutch lever down and the vehicle starts without any troubles. It makes driving in the city a wonderful experience.

Why Do Customers Opt for Smart Hybrid Cars?

The benefits of smart hybrid technology are known to most customers nowadays. The knowledge about the advantages has made smart hybrid cars the most opted ones. This has increased the sales of cars with this technology remarkably.

Let’s have a look, why customers are opting for smart hybrid cars:

  • Improves Fuel Efficiency – Mileage has always been a matter of concern for us. The rising fuel prices and reducing fuel reserves have amplified the worries. The smart hybrid technology from Maruti Suzuki improves fuel efficiency and the customer can save on the monthly budget.
  • Protects the Environment – Environment protection has been first on the list of priorities for governments around the world. The smart hybrid reduces pollution as it has comparatively less emission.
  • Engine Life is More – The advanced smart hybrid engines have higher life than other engines. The value for money for the engines with this technology is definitely high.
  • Performance of the Car – Imagine how pleasant it would be to vroom through highways, as well as, drive comfortably in the city. The smart hybrid technology lets you do that. Highly performing technology makes every drive enjoyable.
  • A Step Towards the Future – We should be looking towards the future and accept technological advancements with an open heart. Smart Hybrid Technology from Maruti Suzuki is the technology of tomorrow, which we should embrace wholeheartedly. The technology will not only provide you with great advantages and financial benefits but also is your contribution to mother earth and nature. By putting your bit into reducing vehicular pollution, you are playing an important role among the people around the world, who are striving for the same.
  • Save Money – How advantageous it is, to save money whilst enjoying the advanced features and benefits!? Smart Hybrid cars effectively aid you to pursue that. The advanced engines help you in saving money. Predominantly, fuel prices bother us all. With improved mileage, you will be spending a lot less on fuel, compared to other cars. Moreover, smart hybrid cars offer extended life for engines. In addition, the components meet all the quality standards that make the service life of each component a lot higher than normal.
The smart hybrid technology from Maruti Suzuki has introduced a productive change in the automobile industry. It presents you with a lot many advantages over normal hybrid engines. Hence, it would be the most advisable thing to buy a car installed with smart hybrid technology. To know more and book a car, contact us now.

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