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INR 3.94 Lac

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Happiness family size

1196 CC

15.1 KM/L

73 BHP

Be it a short trip, a picnic or a drive to the market, things are always best enjoyed when done with the family. Imagine a car that is designed keeping this in mind. EECO, a car which has a perfect mix of power, style, space, comofort and safety that ensures you and your family have an enjoyable experience every time. What's more, it can also take care of your business needs. Go ahead, experience happiness family size!



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Maruti Eeco is equipped with a 1.2-liter robust aluminum engine with 73 bhp and 101 Nm torque. In Eeco engine is positioned at the front and has a longitudinal alignment with rear-wheel drive for better drive stability and minimum turning radius.

Eeco has two fuel options, petrol, and CNG. Only the 5 seater model has both fuel options, while 7 seater Eeco has only a petrol variant. The offered mileage is 15.1 kmpl for petrol and 21.94 km/kg for the CNG option.

Maruti Eeco has got mainly 5 color options and is grey, red, blue, silver and black. There is a basic graphic design available with all variants.

Maruti Eeco has got a 5 seat and a 7 seat option available in the market. The boot space available 540 liters. Eeco is designed targeting a customer line that needs a larger seating capacity and a good storage space. Maruti Eeco is a practical and economical carriage, transportation MPV available in the Indian market.

Maruti Eeco has 5 variants available in the market along with 5 color options. The main variation is in the number of seats available and has got a 5 and 7 seat configuration. Only a 7 seater standard option is available in the 7 seater segment. But the 5 seater Eeco has got 4 variants and are 5 -STR-STD, 5-STR with AC, 5-STR-HTR-CNG, and 5-STR-HTR-CNG with AC. For both petrol and CNG option the engine specifications are the same.

Maruti Eeco has got the first 2 free services and the rest are paid service. In the first 2 services, there will be no labor charge applied and need to pay for the consumables like oil, filter, etc. The next service charges will be approximately INR 1300, INR 5500, INR 2300 respectively. The first service is done at 1000 km or in 1 month. The second is within 12 months or 5000 km and later services should be done in each 10000kms or a period of 12 months. Eeco has got a strong and low maintenance needed engine.

Yes, Maruti had announced the new Eeco coming into the market will have a BS6 compliant engine along with some safety and strengthening upgrades. But the available models in the market have only BS4 compliant engines.

Maruti Eeco is one of the best long box type MPV available in India in both petrol and CNG fuel option. It is the best economical and efficient MPVs available in the market. Eeco has 5 variants as Eeco-5-STR-STD, Eeco-7-STR-STD, 5-STR-AC, 5-STR-HTR-CNG, and 5-STR-HTR-CNG. The pricing of each variant available is like 3.96, 4.25, 4.37, 4.66 and 5.11 lakhs.

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