Top 10 Tips to Keep your Car in a Healthy Condition

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Top 10 Tips to Keep your Car in a Healthy Condition

Ask any car owner or a car enthusiast about how much their car means to them. You can expect an elaborate speech and an overflow of emotions about how much they love their cars. Cars are way more than just machines, for any car owner or a car enthusiast. It’s a sentiment and a matter of pride and joy for most.

With so much importance and sentiments placed on our cars, it’s also necessary to make sure that one’s car is in good running condition. Being proactive in servicing your car regularly can save you a lot of money, time, and stress. Timely care for your car is the best way to increase the lifecycle of your car and also its resale value.

Below given are some of the best tips to keep in mind to ensure that your car is at its best condition always.

  • Check engine oil levels – Making sure your engine oil levels are at the right level is one of the most important steps in ensuring that your car is in good condition. Periodically, check the oil level using a dipstick test. If you find the oil levels unusually low at any point, immediately visit your mechanic. Ideally, an oil change needs to be done for every 10,000 km.
  • Check the condition of Brakes, Belts, and the Battery – Brakes, belts, and the battery are key components of a car. It should be ensured that they are working at their best. Check the braking system at least once every 3 months or up to a quarter of a year. A good battery lasts for a year and a half on average. A regular check of the battery needs to be done and should be replaced if it's not functioning properly. Distilled water levels on older batters are also to checked.
  • Heed Warnings – Crucial warnings of the car should never be ignored and immediate action needs to be taken. For example, if warning lights are illuminating on your car’s dashboard, you may need to give a call to your mechanic soon. The owner’s manual needs to be thoroughly read as it has all the necessary details regarding the car’s functioning.
  • Get the help of only professionals – Taking the service of an incompetent mechanic to cut costs can be harmful to the life of your car and yourself. Get references from different sources or scroll through comprehensive auto directories to find the right mechanic for your car. Make sure you have a good understanding of the previous and present work history of the mechanic you intend to hire.
  • The car body – Maintaining the aesthetics of your car is just as important as keeping its internal functions in order. Get your car washed regularly and also ensure that any dents or dings on the car are taken care of. Make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid rust.
  • Condition of Tires – Car tires tend to degrade over time and are unavoidable. Even the best companies cannot guarantee long-lasting tires. So frequent checks on tires are very essential and should be replaced if necessary. Make sure tires are inflated as per the pressure specified by the manufacturer and also compulsorily check your tire pressure every morning before you head out. The treads between tires are an indicator of replacement. Rotation of tires every 5000 km is necessary to avoid uneven tire wear out.
  • Keep fluids in check – For the proper functioning of a car, many types of fluids are necessary like engine oil, wiper washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, etc. If the fluids are not provided properly on time, the car system can quickly fail. Make sure that the checks are done on time.
  • Emission Control Systems – Global warming is a reality and everyone must do their part in reducing the carbon footprint. One way to do that is by checking the vehicle emissions of one’s car. Get your car tested for air pollution and emissions according to standards specified by the government and competent authorities of the country and the locality you live in.
  • Windows & Head Lights – Often, most of us tend to give a blind eye to minor mechanical errors which is not a good habit at all. If your window gets stuck on a rainy day owing to the problem of a neglected automatic switch, how bad it would be? Your car’s faulty headlamps stop working during a night journey, wouldn’t it be a dangerous situation?. Make sure the windows, headlights, and all other parts of the car are in good working condition at all times.
  • Interiors of the car – Always keep the interiors of your car in the best condition for comfortable and hygienic travel. If you intend to sell your car later, the better the condition of your car, the higher the resale value will be.
  • Get to know the basics of your car – Knowing how to do a basic inspection of your car can be greatly beneficial. User manuals are a great to way start as they provide in-depth information regarding the features of your car and also tips on how to prevent certain issues.

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