SUV vs Sedan: Which One Should You Buy?

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SUV vs Sedan: Which One Should You Buy?

Choosing between a sedan and an SUV may not be difficult for those who are passionate about a specific segment. Nonetheless, it can be a quandary for most car buyers. Dangled among the splendid models from the segments, many turn to their friends to determine which one to buy.

Sedans had been the first choice of customers looking for classy cars. Change in time has brought in a change in taste as well. The SUV segment is trending nowadays. Recognizing the change in the wind, car manufacturers have introduced another segment named compact SUV.

SUVs in India

SUVs are normally heavily built cars with beastie looks. The tall, long and bulky figure is designed to grab eyeballs. Earlier the SUVs had a completely boxy appearance with the sharp cut tail end. The models in recent times have redefined the concept with the curved rear ends and well-designed overall looks.

Off-roading is a pleasure with an SUV. Crafted with high riding suspension and optimal ground clearance, those are designed to be driven on rough patches, mountain terrains and rocky paths. Perhaps manufactured to meet the off-roading requirements, the SUVs, in the past, were not suggested for city drives. Presently, the SUVs have eliminated that negative mark.

Underpinned by exclusively designed platforms, the SUVs nowadays are equally ideal for city drives, highways and off-roading. Manufacturers now are looking into fuel efficiency as well. With the skyrocketing fuel prices, SUVs with improved mileage would be a boon.

Sedans in India

The aerodynamic design is the uniqueness of sedans. Allowing streamlined airflow, sedans produce the minimum drag while on the motion. These models sit close to the ground, with much lower ground clearance than the SUVs. The three-section design offers a separate boot space.

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Fuel-efficient sedans with a prime appeal and aesthetically elegant appeal have been selling like hotcakes. You can opt for a sedan depending on the budget availability. Yes, there are classy sedans that cost less than 10 lakhs to those priced at multiples of crores.

Let’s compare the characteristics of SUVs and sedans to help you identify which would be the right choice for you. Note that, here we would be comparing sedans with the latest trend compact SUVs. A test drive and detailed discussion with the team at a reliable car dealership would further aid you in decision-making.

Sedans vs SUV: Space

Space is the prime concern for those looking to travel with families. A cramped interior can take the fun away. And the family members may feel exhausted even after a short trip.

Sedans will offer you adequate legroom and enough space between the rows. Although the legroom in a sedan is less than that of an SUV, it would not be much problematic.

As we said, compact SUVs offer better headroom than a sedan. But, the legroom and space between rows are less than a sedan.

SUVs vs Sedans: On-road Performance

Handling is easy and convenient in the case of a sedan. The car’s low height helps in reducing air drag, thereby helping in reducing fuel consumption. Holding on the road, with the lower CG, the car can vroom through highways with much ease.

SUVs are a bit tougher to handle than a sedan. The bulky vehicle is not as easily manageable as a sedan. Nevertheless, driving an SUV is also comfortable unless you compare it with a sedan.

Sedan vs SUV: Comfort

Driving comfort, as we said before, is better in a sedan than an SUV. A refined suspension that offers a breezy driving experience is the exclusivity of sedans. Drive quality is superior in a sedan compared to an SUV. Sedans are also more luxurious than SUVs. Think of the elite cars owned by celebrities. Most of those are sedans from famed brands.

Sedan vs SUV: Fuel Efficiency

Sedans are proven to be more fuel-efficient than SUVs. Manufacturers are researching to produce SUVs with engines offering better mileage. Sedans are way ahead of SUVs in the case of mileage as of now. Predominantly due to the shape, SUVs consume more fuel.

Sedan vs SUV: Boot

Sedans and SUVs provide almost similar boot space. We are not stating about exorbitantly priced SUVs. In which, the boot space would be much higher than that of a sedan. Comparing the compact SUVs and sedans of the same price range or lower, the available boot space is somewhat similar. Hence, you won’t be able to choose between a sedan and an SUV only on the basis of storage space.

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Sedan vs SUV: Price

Compact SUVs and sedans are available in almost the same price range. The price comparison may not be possible unless we know about your choice of car. You can get in touch with us for a discussion between specific SUV and sedan models. Our experts can offer you the right insight to help you with the decision.

We hope that you could determine whether to go for an SUV or a sedan from this article. Liking a particular model or buying a car from a specific segment is a personal choice. Guidance from automobile professionals would be of great help in choosing the right one. Knowledge about the technical specifications, on-road performance, and durability would be helpful in deciding.

We invite you to our showroom for checking out compact SUV and sedan models. Schedule a test drive to examine the on-road performance and obtain detailed info from our technical team.

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