Difference Between Hatchback and Sedan – Which One to Choose?

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Difference Between Hatchback and Sedan – Which One to Choose?

You might know how both hatchback and sedan differ visually. The boot makes the preliminary (and the most basic) difference between the segments. A closer look into the elements that define each would help you to reach a more informed decision.

A hatchback has a two-section layout, whereas a sedan has three sections. The well-defined portion for luggage, the boot space, is the third section in a sedan. On the other hand, a hatchback lacks a specifically designed boot. It is part of the second section in its case. Let’s have a detailed look at the differences between hatchback and sedan, to confirm which one to buy.

Look and Appeal

Sedans have a clear superiority here. The segment exudes a classy premium appeal and appearance. That has been one of the main reasons for many turning to sedans instead of hatchbacks. At the same time, we understand that the appeal one feels would definitely depend on his or her viewpoint. The statement that a sedan has a superior appearance is a generic one, formed out of observing a majority of car buyers.

The long chassis offers an elegant appearance to sedans. Even though innovatively designed hatchbacks are available nowadays, the classy feel of the sedan cannot be matched.


Sedans normally have a bigger boot space than hatchbacks. The availability of enough room for luggage may be important for those who travel a lot, especially with excessive luggage. Sedans would accommodate around 100-150 ltr more luggage than a normal hatchback.

Having said that, hatchbacks allow you to fold and flatten the second row to find more boot space. Although this results in sacrificing the seating space in the second row, the option would provide enough room for any amount of luggage. You don’t have this facility in a sedan. 

Availability of Interior Space

Sedans are known to have more inner space that would accommodate passengers comfortably. Many a time, the second row of hatchbacks appears to be crammed causing discomfort to heavily built adults. The latest model hatchbacks have increased the second-row dimension to overcome this problem.

Even though this is a fact, the tapered design of the sedan is a concern for tall passengers. They may not find enough headroom and legroom in a sedan. A hatchback with the levelled roof might turn out to be comfortable for them. It would be wise to choose between sedan and hatchback after undertaking a test drive, as well as, travelling a distance in the second row.


Hatchbacks are generally cheaper than sedans. Therefore, the hatchback segment would be ideal for those with budgetary limitations. You can drop by our showroom to check out the prices of sedans and hatchbacks from Maruti, the most reliable and affordable car brand in India.

The costlier sedans have obviously earned the identity as a status symbol over a period. However, the launch of top-notch hatchbacks by premium brands is changing the scenario. It may take some time for the notion to transpire and hatchback also to be considered class.

Dimensional Specs

Sedans normally are longer and wider than hatchbacks. The length may vary from around 100 mm to 200 mm depending upon the sedans and hatchbacks you compare. Requiring lesser space for parking and manoeuvring, it would be easy to use hatchbacks in a city. It can be accommodated in a shorter space; therefore, the owner need not look around for a wider space for parking the car. Handling the hatchback is easier than a sedan, specifically in crowded streets and cities with heavy traffic.

The above-mentioned are the major differences between a hatchback and a sedan. Choosing the segment would depend on your perceptions, budget and taste. We expect that the detailed analysis here would aid you in reaching an informed decision.

What are the Advantages of Hatchbacks and Sedans?

Let’s quickly go through the advantages of hatchbacks and sedans. You can weigh the benefits offered by them before finalizing the decision.

Advantages of hatchbacks are:

  • Easy handling in traffic
  • Parking can be done in a small space
  • Costs less than a sedan
  • Headroom is normally higher than a sedan, which can accommodate even a tall person comfortably
  •  Good road visibility
  •  Latest model hatchbacks are feature-rich to compete with any other segment of car
Advantages of sedans are:
  •  Classy appeal
  • Considered as a status symbol
  • Premium feel
  • Fuel-efficient models
  • Aerodynamic structure that glides on the road
  • Higher stability, hence safety, with a stability control system

Opting for a sedan or a hatchback is basically a personal choice. The individual’s perception, a dream since childhood, and style expectations can certainly influence the decision. The points we discussed here are to give you a general idea about sedans and hatchbacks.

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