Difference between car models available in India

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Difference between car models

Are you going to buy a new car? Then, it will be always good to have basic know-how over the different models available in the market. Many of you have decided which type of car he/she is going to buy. This article is to share some basic differences between models and help you to choose a better car for you.

Just a thought, most people long for a particular model but end up on a different one. The main reason can be usage priorities and budget. So let us have a look over the different models available and try to identify a best-suited car.

What are the main Automobile styles/models available in the market?

Automobile styles/models are mainly differentiated by the body shape of each kind and these shapes are so designed to fulfill specific requirements without compromising style, power, efficiency, and utility. The top models available around the globe are

  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • Crossover/ CUV
  • Minivan /Van

Why the automobile manufacturer designed and developed different styles/models?

The automobile industry is an ever-growing one with huge market potential. As the market increases more players are into the business and the competition starts. To maintain the pace at which the business grows, automobile manufacturers also need to come up with innovative ideas and constant upgrades for their valued customers. The likeness of each customer is different based on utility, style concepts, dreams, and budgets. So as said earlier we have up to 10 models/styles cars available in the market to satisfy the customer's quest for his ideal car.

How to differentiate each model

Now we can have a detailed look at each model to get an overall idea of different models of cars available in the market. Basically car models are defined by the layout of the engine, passenger cabin and luggage/boot spaces provided. Based on that there are one, two and three box designs that are the main categories available. In one-box design is also called monospace in which the engine, passenger and cargo spaces seems to be a single one (even though the engine is placed separately, in design it seems single). In a two-box type, the engine and combined passenger and cargo space form two boxes of the design. The three-box design is one with separate spaces for the engine, passenger and cargo.


Hatchbacks are two-box type design and have one door for cargo/boot hinged from the top body of the vehicle and swing upwards. They normally have 5 doors including the boot space door. The average length of a hatchback will be around 3500 mm and some models have length more than 4 meters. The hatchback models are very popular from the 1970s and still counting on. Hatchbacks are very convenient, especially for city rides and are the best budget choice for a small family.

Because of the small size hatchback cars provide more mileage and can park hazle free. They are available in every budget range from 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs. Some of the popular hatchback models in India are Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Swift and Alto, Hyundai i10 and Santro, Renault Kwid, Tata Tiago and Ford Figo.


The sedan is a three-box type model with separate space for engine, passenger, and cargo. Compared to hatchback models they have got a large cargo space. They normally have 4 doors and the average length is more than 4 meters. Sedan provides more space for the front and rear passengers and more comfort for long rides. Sedans are a luxury icon and the price range starts from 5 lakhs. If you are ready to spend more on comfort and luxury there are many budget sedans available in the market under 12 lakhs. Some of the popular sedan available in the Indian market are Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Ciaz, Honda Amaze and City, Hyundai Aspire and Elantra, Skoda Octavia and Rapid.


SUV or Sport/Sub terrain Utility Vehicle is body-sized above hatchback with a purpose to accommodate more passengers. They are built basically on the truck platform to meet the objectives. They are more rigid, strong and can carry more passengers. They are designed in such a way to use them on sub-terrain or off roads with higher ground clearance. Nowadays families prefer SUVs to travel for its safety and occupancy comfort. Many manufacturers have a sub or compact SUV models in their array for the customers who prefer SUV with more style and comfort. Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Hyundai Venue and Creta, Kia Seltose, Mahindra XUV 300 and TATA Harrier and Nexon are under the compact SUV segment price starting from 7 lakhs. Mahindra XUV 500, Jeep Compass and Toyota Fortuner are the ones come under the SUV category and priced above 12 lakhs. Maruti Suzuki has introduced S-presso under a segment mini SUV with a starting price of 3.7 lakhs and bring a new competition on the roads.

MUV/MPV - Multi Utility/Purpose Vehicle

The main difference with SUV is the lineage and is based on Van and there will be so solid separation between passenger and cargo compartment. MUVs mostly be seven-seaters and the main purpose is to carry more passengers with more comfort. They will not have as much ground clearance compared to SUVs. They will be priced above 10 lakhs and the same will go up as the luxury and comfort provided are more. As in the case of SUV different car manufacturer has models starting from 7 to 8 lakhs available in the market. Some of the major players in the Indian market are Toyota Innova Crysta, Mahindra Marazzo and Xylo, Maruti Suzuki XL6, Honda BR-V. Renault Triber is a model under compact MPV available in the market.


Crossover or CUV- Crossover Utility Vehicle is made on a passenger platform with a unibody design. As the name suggests its a combination of Hatchback or Sedan with SUV. This model has become popular among customers looking for a better fuel-economical, passenger comfortable, SUV and Sedan lovers. It's a perfect blend to satisfy both ends of the customers. The pricing of Crossover cars in India starts from 8 lakhs onwards. Some of the popular CUVs in India are Maruti Suzuki S-cross, Ford Freestyle, Fiat Avventura and Urban Cross, Ford EcoSport and Toyota Etios Cross.


Van or Minivan is box-shaped vehicles bigger than Hatchback and the main purpose is the transportation of goods or people. They are available in 5 or 7 seater configuration. They are more comparable with MPVs and most of the models have sliding doors in the middle instead of side opening doors. They are not exactly designed for travel comfort but built with more space to accommodate people in defined size. Many manufacturers have introduced their Van models in India but the most successful one is Maruti Suzuki. Earlier it was Maruti Omni and now it is Maruti Eeco price starts from 3.7 lakhs.


The cars are used for the transportation of passengers and cargo/ baggage of the passengers. Based on the utility different models are available for the customers to choose. Hope the article provides you an overall idea about the classification and the price range. Now how to identify your ideal car, have a look at the blog- How to identify your ideal car. The images given are of Maruti Suzuki, as they are the most common vehicle you will see on the rods.

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