Tips To Save Fuel Money on Road Trips

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Tips To Save Fuel Money on Road Trips

Fuel expense is the most concerning thing when one thinks of trips. Switching to CNG or electric cars might be beneficial for those seriously worried individuals. Nonetheless, it may not be possible to change the car for many owners. That is why we decided to share some of the most useful tips to save fuel money on road trips. Exploring the methods might prove beneficial for saving a good amount on fuel expenses.

How To Save Fuel Money on Road Trips: 6 Tips

You may think of following the techniques discussed here as much as possible. Considering the rising fuel prices and expenses associated with maintaining a car.

1. Servicing of the Vehicle Prior to the Long Drive

Many procrastinate servicing their car due to various reasons, including budget constraints. The wear and tear, lack of lubrication, inadequate tire pressure, etc. The car engine and other parts must be ready in all respects to handle the heavy task of running so many kilometers.

  • Fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and others must be checked for quality and replenished if required. You do not have to do it personally. Getting the servicing done would be enough for this. This would prevent overheating of components, and help save fuel.
  • Tires should be inflated properly, to the approved pressure range. Reduced tire pressure is one of the main reasons behind low mileage. 
  • All the filters must be cleaned. Replace those filters, which are required to be. 


2. Plan and Prepare a Route map

Planning the route and preparing a route map considering the traffic, the condition of roads, the distance, etc. would be beneficial in saving on fuel. Roads with traffic congestion are going to increase the expenses on fuel. Similarly, bad roads can not only impact the mileage due to frequent shifting of gears and using of low gears for several kilometers, but also damage the components. By avoiding such roads, you are saving money on different fronts. Decide the route in advance considering all these factors only.

3. Drive Always with Windows Up

Of course, driving the car with the a/c on is going to cause increased fuel consumption. But, not as much as when you drive the car with all the windows down. Cars are designed aerodynamically to reduce air friction as much as possible. Keeping the windows down can cause drag or increased air friction. Leading to the consumption of more fuel. Thereby resulting in more expenditure on fuel. Not only that, keeping the windows down can make the interior of the car dusty and dirty.


4. Travel with Less Luggage

Additional luggage will increase the load on the car and would raise fuel consumption. Avoid overloading the car during the long trip. Pack only the required items. Do not forget to unload roof racks and bike racks if you are not planning to use them. Our aim is to reduce the load and thus fuel consumption. Thereby saving money on fuel expenses.

5. Maintain consistent speeds

Maintaining a moderate speed as much as possible is another tip to save fuel money on road trips. Unruly acceleration and sudden breaking would lead to reduced mileage. It would also affect the efficiency of the engine, besides being dangerous. Many forget that a sudden increase in speed will burn more fuel in less time. Impacting the fuel efficiency. You are a good driver if you are able to maintain consistent speeds. Cars nowadays have cruise control features available. Select cruise control mode while you are on a long trip. 

6. Pursue good driving practices

It may be difficult to start following good driving practices instantly. You need to put up effort and habituate those. Maintaining the car is easy if you are abiding by the standard operating procedures and practices that ensure the health of the car. Consequently, you can expect better fuel efficiency as well. Thereby you can save on fuel money on trips. It would be best to start practicing healthy driving tips from the initial days only. Since it may not be easy to switch over to a different style of driving or car maintenance process once you are habituated. You can also save on fuel money by maintaining good driving practices.

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