10 Things to Keep In Mind While You Are Taking A Test Drive

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10 Things to Keep In Mind While You Are Taking A Test Drive

Buying a car is a long process for many. People reach the decision after ascertaining the money in hand, as well as, the possibilities of a car loan. Then comes the intricate steps of determining the type of car to buy, the model that suits the requirements, and so on.

We advise people to undertake a meticulous test drive of the car they want to buy. Test driving the car is of paramount importance. In addition to giving a generic idea about the performance of the car, the test drive will tell you whether it is a suitable option for you or not.

10 Things to Keep In Mind While Test Drive A Car

Here are the 10 things to keep in mind while you are taking a test drive.

1. Determine Your Budget

Finalize the budget you have before starting the assessment of the cars. Make a list of cars that are ideal for the funds you have. You can of course opt for a car loan. Nonetheless, the EMI should not be beyond what you can afford. Keep these factors when you pick the cars that are apt for you. Avoiding unnecessary financial burdens would help you maintain the monthly budget under control. Further, you would be able to maintain the car properly, with the expenses in check.

2. Optimal Outside View for the Driver

Aesthetic elegance is the first thing every customer looks for. Remember that external appearance is not that important after owning the car. Comfort, usefulness, and performance are what become priorities once you own the car. Sit inside the car and confirm the field of view from the driver’s seat. The car’s blind spot is the first thing to check. Then confirm the views from the rearview and side mirrors, as well as, the windows. It should offer an optimal view of the road and vehicles from the sides.  

3. Comfort and Convenience

Taking your friends or family with you would be helpful in understanding the exact cabin space and seating comfort. A roomy interior with ample legroom and headroom is essential. Traveling in a congested condition can destroy the joy of trips. The family members' and friends’ suggestions must be sought, besides you checking the cabin comfort from both front and rear seats, yourself. Examine the headrests, steering wheel position, rear seating, etc

4. Ergonomics Factors

Human factor engineering and ergonomic factors are examined while designing a car. Ergonomic factors determine how easy it is to handle the systems, control the car, and operate different instruments. Confirm the convenience of operation before starting the car. Switches and knobs can be operated even while driving to confirm operational ease.

5. Smooth Transmission

The gearbox is the mainstay in the case of a four-wheeler. A smooth gearbox is essential for a comfortable driving experience. Let it be manual, automatic or automatic-manual (AMT) transmission, the gearshifts should not be hard. Engaging the clutch and moving the gear knob should not be buttery-smooth. Check for vibrations or any other disturbances during a gear change.

6. Response of the Car While Accelerating and Braking

The acceleration would differ depending on the power specification of the engine.  What you need to see is the response from the throttle and how quickly the engine responds. The acceleration ratio will come down when the air-conditioning is switched on. Therefore, examine the performance in both ac on and off conditions. Raise the speed to a safe level and check the brakes. It would be great if you can check the braking system in both ascending and descending scenarios. 

7. Features Available On-board the Car

Cars with superior technical features are available nowadays. Affordably priced, those can be owned without spending an exorbitant amount. You must know to check out the features available, including the safety elements installed. You can look for safety features like ABS with EBD, hill-hold assist, HUD (Head-up Displays, ISOFIX child seats, and rear parking sensors. The other features that are ideal to have included a touchscreen infotainment system, climate control, power steering, and power windows. At least some of the features would be available even in the base model also. You may have to pay extra for owning the variant that has advanced elements integrated.

8. Manoeuvrability of the Car

You must be able to control the car quite comfortably. Ease of handling, driving the car on a busy road, maneuvering through comparatively narrow paths etc are to be ascertained. We suggest you undertake a comprehensive test drive including all these aspects. Then only you would be able to get a clear idea about the car.

9. Infotainment System

The touchscreen infotainment system is a common element in cars nowadays. The system installed must have the latest software incorporated. It must be easily operable with a clear display system. And must manage multiple operations simultaneously.

10. Sound

The car should produce the bare minimum sound and nil vibration. It must be quiet inside the car. It must be a serene atmosphere inside the vehicle even when it is running.

Once you have checked these 10 things while taking the test drive and are satisfied, you are ready to buy the car. For owning a Maruti Suzuki car in the best deal, reach the Indus Motors showroom near you.

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