Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Maruti Suzuki Cars

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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Maruti Suzuki Cars

Maruti Suzuki has been the uncrowned king of Indian roads for more than four decades. They remain the same even after these years. Standing strong against the tough competition from global brands, the car manufacturer enjoys unchallenged supremacy.
Dissecting the factors that made Maruti Suzuki the first choice of Indians would be interesting. It would offer insight into the specialties of the cars from the brand. Discussed in this article are the top 8 reasons why you should choose Maruti Suzuki cars. Read on if you are planning to buy a car and are confused about which one to go for.

8 Reasons: Why Should You Choose Maruti Suzuki Cars


1. Affordable Cars that offer better value for money than others in the market

 Maruti understands Indian car buyers more than any other car manufacturer does. They understand the first thing checked by the customers; the cost of the car. It doesn’t mean that Maruti cars are cheap or they don’t have the requisite quality. All the cars offer better value for money. They are budget-friendly and have decent material and production quality.  

2. Fuel-efficient engines that offer best-in-class mileage

 This is another prominent reason that can be pointed out when someone asks the top 8 reasons why you should choose Maruti Suzuki cars. The mileage offered by Maruti Suzuki cars helps you save on fuel expenses. Thus, you can keep the expenses on the car under check, even if you are driving the car daily. Mileage of the car is a matter of high importance to Indian car buyers.

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3. Maintenance-friendly Cars that can be serviced at a phenomenally low expense

 Expenditure on maintaining a four-wheeler is one of the main things that deter people from buying a car. Maruti Suzuki cars resolve this concern to a remarkable extent. Maruti has been offering maintenance-friendly cars that perform extensively without any defects. The periodic maintenance is also less expensive compared to cars from other brands. Maintenance expenditures on Maruti Suzuki cars like Alto, Wagon R, Maruti 800, Swift, Baleno, etc are much lower than their rivals. Moreover, you would find Maruti servicing centers, besides the authorized dealer cum service center, across India. Making it convenient for you to service or repair the car anywhere in the country.

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4.  High longevity

 It is highly probable that the first-generation Maruti 800 would have been on the roads if there were no governmental limitations regarding the life of the car. The basic reason behind this is the ruggedness, quality, and production standards of the components. Designed for rough Indian roads, Maruti Suzuki cars will perform efficiently even on unpaved roads and road-less terrains.  

5. Not many can beat Maruti Suzuki cars on resale value

 Maruti Suzuki Swift, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, Maruti Suzuki Alto, and other cars from the brand have been known for high resale value. People consider this fact while buying a car as well. A Maruti car will fetch you a better price than a car from any other brand, with similar specifications and other characteristics like kilometers run, condition, etc. Various aspects led to higher acceptance cars of used cars from Maruti Suzuki. Long life, easy maintenance, fuel efficiency, low spare costs, and affordability are some of the factors.

6. Feature-rich cars at reasonable prices

 The cost of the car will go up with the inclusion of each feature. That is why the cars from the top variants are priced much higher than the standard variant. Maruti Suzuki car prices are undoubtedly low even after the availability of brilliant features. Of course, the cost of the car varies depending on the variant. Nonetheless, the price will be lower than any other car with the same features and specifications.

7. Factory-installed CNG Kit

 Maruti cars are available with factory-installed CNG kit. It would be a wise and budget-friendly decision to opt for CNG or electric cars. Hybrid cars are another preferable option. Excellent quality CNG kit, installed at the Maruti Suzuki factory by experts, would offer a foolproof and efficient functioning. This is another reason for the question of why you should choose Maruti Suzuki cars.

8. Outstanding after-sales support

 Maruti Suzuki has the biggest chain of service and support centers. They offer comprehensive service and proper after-sales support. You can drive your car unconcerned with the Maruti Suzuki specialists offering complete support throughout.

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