What is Car Safety? Here's the Complete Picture

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What is Car Safety

Features for comfort and convenience were the primary needs earlier, whereas nowadays safety has taken the front seat in the case of cars in India. Consequently, car manufacturers have turned their focus to ensuring the best material and production quality.

So, what does car safety mean? We are giving you a clear picture of car safety here.

Key Factors in Car Safety

Normally, the production quality is the only thing people consider whilst speaking about car safety. Nonetheless, safety, the predominant concern presently, comprises three elements viz. active safety, passive safety, and behavioral safety.

  • Active Safety: This consists of components installed in the vehicle for ensuring safe driving. The active safety components support the driver and prevent any erroneous actions. Active safety features include ABS, EBD, Hill-hold Assist, and ESP.
  • Passive Safety: Passive safety components protect the driver as well as passengers in case of an unfortunate event. Features like airbags, seatbelts, seat belt reminders, ISOFIX child seats, etc are under this segment.
  • Behavioural Safety: To put it straight, this is the biggest safety concern among the three. Unruly driving, careless attitude, and wrong practices while driving (like smoking, and talking on a mobile phone) cause most accidents.

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What are the Elements that Make a Car Safe?


Top car manufacturers incorporate advanced safety features into their cars. Safety features and innovative components have become a common characteristic of even low-priced cars nowadays. Given below are some of the elements that make a car safer than the others.


1. Manufacturing Quality


Material with proven quality should only be used for car manufacturing. A customer can confirm the build quality only during the long run. Notwithstanding, a car’s build quality can be ascertained by expert eyes. A tough car would definitely reflect a superior manufacturing process. For example, cult models received appreciation during Global NCAP for being a strong car that offers remarkable safety to drivers and passengers.


2. Features Installed


Definitely, features installed not only enhance the safety aspect but also offer confidence to the driver and passengers. The GoI’s order to include dual airbags as the mandatory installation has been a welcoming one. It would ensure at least minimum safety for those in the front seats. Having additional safety equipment including EBS with ABD, ESP, and Hill-hold Assist can reduce the possibility of an accident. Go for cars with the maximum safety features even if it costs a bit more.


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3. Knowing the Traffic Rules


Not only knowing the traffic rules but also obeying them judiciously is important. People, especially some youngsters, believe it is heroic to flout traffic rules. They may become a misfortune for a family, who’s not connected with them anyways. An accident can become the end of a family’s dreams. Know and obey the traffic rules to avoid accidents, fatalities or lifelong issues.


Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining Road Safety

Here is what you can observe to maintain safety on the road.


Buy a car with the maximum safety features. Avoid going for the lower variant to save a few pennies, if you have the budget. Decide the car to buy just based on the opinion of the salesperson or a car review on YouTube videos. Contemplate and decide the best for you.
Opting for a second-hand car installed with advanced safety features may be preferable if you lack the funds to go for a new one with the subject features. Reliable used car dealers like Indus Used Cars offer great deals on multi-brand used cars. Go for a lower variant just to save a few bucks. The money you saved will not be of any use in case of an unfortunate event.
Never drive under the influence of alcohol Become careless thinking that you are driving a feature-rich safe car. In some unfortunate scenarios, the safety features may also fail.
Avoid smoking or talking on the phone while driving. It can distract you and may lead to accidents. Do rash driving as you have a safe car. Other’s lives also matter.


Safety is everyone’s concern. A mistake by another person on the road may also lead to a mishap. It is not worth ending life in a silly road accident. We are here to do great things in life. Every moment is a blessing and we must perform our best to make it worth it. Abiding by the established road regulations and traffic rules can help reduce accidents substantially. Remember that India is the country worst hit with road accidents. It is our responsibility to behave right on the road. 


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