Maruti Swift; Why It's Called India's Favourite Car?

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Why Maruti Swift is Called India's Favourite Car?

Maruti Swift has been in the market for over 18 years. The long time itself shows the reason why Maruti Swift Called India's Favourite Car! Maruti Swift has been the most popular mid-size hatchback car since the year of its launch; 2005. From then, it became one of the premium models sold by the brand. Ever since, the Maruti Swift has been the hottest selling car in India, even in 2020. In these 18 years, Maruti has sold around 25 lakh Maruti Swift in the Indian market. 

Reasons Why Maruti Swift is India's Favourite

Here are the reasons why Maruti Swift is India's favourite:


Affordability is always the key when it comes to mid-level households and their dream car. Maruti has been the most affordably priced car in the category of hatchbacks in the Indian market. The features provided by India's home manufacturer have always been superb when compared to its rivals. Maruti has been known for making affordable cars in almost every sector; their premium brand "Nexa '' has cars that are far less priced than the competitor brands. The Swift price in Kerala is highly competitive in comparison to other hatchbacks in Kerala. 


With the fuel prices on the rise, mileage has been a mandatory feature when it comes to buying a car. Maruti has always been known to manufacture cars that fit the budget of every common man. The car is essentially used for daily commute as it has very low running costs; when compared with the other competitor brands. The car comes in petrol and diesel engine models. The usage of AMTs has ensured that they will be highly fuel-efficient. The diesel model gives a mileage of 28.4 kmpl and the petrol model gives a mileage of 22 kmpl. 

Resale Value

Resale value is yet another prime point considered by many when it comes to the purchase of a car. The company has launched an avenue for its existing owners to sell their cars, at the best possible price value. Even when you sell cars in the market, Maruti cars fetch up a return of a whopping percentage of 40% - 50% of the initial value of the purchase within three to four years. It is the second car after Toyota Innova to have the highest resale value in India. 

The Look

The cheeky look of Maruti Swift has a unique place in the minds of the households in India. The look of Maruti Swift is a combination of sportiness and cuteness. The recent model of Swift has retained the look and added more elegance which makes it more acceptable again. It is without a doubt the funkiest design amongst the other arrays of models in the same segment.


As Maruti is known to be a common man's car, the maintenance of the car also goes by that promise. The periodic services, emergency services and spare parts cost all of this comes at a very normal and affordable price for the owners of Maruti Swift. The availability of the Maruti service centre is also an easy task. They have their services centres in every nook and corner of the country. The spare parts availability is yet another touchdown feature that makes the Maruti Swift hard to go by. Maruti also provides ways for the customer can make sure that he is not duped by ingenuine parts.


Comfort and Safety

Maruti Swift has always been a comfort drive at a competitive price. The new age Maruti Swift 2022 brings around safety protection of dual airbags, seat belt reminders, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors etc. It has got all the features of a desi Indian car. It is a simple car that offers all the relevant features at a price that is failed by many brands.



Maruti has been in the car-making business for over 40 years. The name instills a sense of pride and protection in every household. The belief system initiated by the brand makes it one of the most trustworthy brands in India. It also holds the lion's share in the automotive industry of India. This is another reason why we trust the brand name.


Irrespective of how many car brands get launched, Maruti will have a credible space in the minds of Indian households. Maruti Swift has been one of the most seen cars and it is still a top competitor when the mid-size hatchbacks are in consideration. Maruti Swift encompasses it all; looks, fuel economy, variants, competitive price, comfortable make etc. 

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