Maruti Suzuki Alto Crosses the 40 Lakh Sales Milestone

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Maruti Suzuki Alto Crosses the 40 Lakh Sales Milestone

Maruti has been ruling the Indian roads since its launch in the early 1980s. Every model from Maruti has gained quick customer attention and became hotcakes, and registered thousands and lakhs of sales. The unchallenged superiority of Maruti still continues.

Maruti Alto, the family’s own car, broke all the records in car sales in India. Crossing 4 million sales, it became the first Indian car to achieve the feat. You will be surprised to know that Maruti Alto is the top-selling car in India for more than one and a half decades. Yes, none of the cars from Maruti or other manufacturers could pose a threat to it. Maruti Suzuki Alto could be titled the emperor in the Indian vehicle market.

Maruti has been happy, and at the same time proud, to announce the achievement. The satisfaction, when one gets to know that they are serving 40 lakh families in India, was evident in their statement. Maruti Alto bearing the legacy of Maruti is one of the most budget-friendly cars, that has all the style and comfort elements, you can own.

Why Maruti Alto Remains the Unchallenged Leader Among Indian Cars?

Maruti Alto is not just a car, but an emotion. The bonding we have with the car have been generated from knowing all the positive aspects Alto possesses. You should not be astonished if Maruti rolls out some more additions to the stylish small car, Alto, overwhelmed with the response from the customers. Although Maruti introduces periodic updations and introduces the latest features to the car from time to time.

The reasons for Maruti Alto becoming the number one car are many. It may be considered the only car that is the amalgamation of all good things. Considerately serving the Indian common man. It is the first car that comes to everyone’s mind while thinking of owning a car. Coincidently, Maruti Alto is the first car of the majority of car owners in India.

The factors that have been pivotal in the record-breaking sales of Maruti Alto are:

  • Mileage – Maruti Alto is one of the most fuel-efficient cars on Indian roads. It registers more than 22 km/litre mileage. Hence, the daily usage of Maruti Alto will not be a burden on your budget.
  • Driveability – The small car is easy to drive and maneuver in the heavy traffic of the city. The unfussy handling of the car will keep you comfortable even during the drive in traffic jams.
  • Design Aspects – Even though Maruti Alto is a budget-friendly car, aimed at the middle-class section of society, Maruti didn’t just make a car and rolled out. The style quotient and advanced features have been installed in the car for providing the utmost comfort to looks.
  • Cost-Effective – Maruti Alto is the most cost-effective car in India. The spare parts, accessories, and period preventive cum corrective maintenance is affordable to each one. Besides, the availability of several reliable service centres, from which the customer can choose one of his or her choices, makes the vehicle easy to maintain.

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