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ALTO 800


INR 3.02 Lac

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796 CC

22.05 KM/L

35.3 KW @ 6000 RPM BHP

Driving the Indian roads for more than 15 years, Alto has a legacy like none other. Alto has retained its place as the highest seller for 12 years in a row. Adding to the accomplishement, Alto created history by selling 30 Lakh cars since its launch, making it a true icon.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

There are 8 variants of Maruti Alto 800 available in the market. 2 out of 8 variants have CNG options with the name Maruti Alto 800 CNG LXi and LXi Optional. Alto 800 has a 0.8 litre 12 V F8D engine with 796 cc displacement. The engine generates a maximum power output of 47.3 bhp for petrol and 40.3 bhp for the CNG option. The maximum torque delivered is 69 Nm and 60 Nm at 3500 rpm for petrol and CNG Alto 800 respectively. The ex-showroom price details for each of the variants listed below.

No. Variants Fuel Mileage Cost
1 STD Petrol 24.7 Rs 3.01 lakh
2 STD Opt Petrol 24.7 Rs 3.05 lakh
3 LXI Petrol 24.7 Rs 3.58 lakh
4 LXI Opt Petrol 24.7 Rs 3.62 lakh
5 VXI Petrol 24.7 Rs3.68 lakh
6 VXI Opt Petrol 24.7 Rs3.8 lakh
7 LXI CNG CNG 33 Rs 4.19 lakh
8 LXI Opt CNG 33 Rs 4.22 lakh

Maruti Alto 800 is available in 6 colors. The colors are Silky Silver, Mojito Green, Cerulean Blue, Granite Grey, Superior White, and Blazing Red. Experience the dashing colors at Maruti Showroom near you.

The Maruti Alto 800 hatchback is a 5 seater with 5 doors. The dimensions of Alto 800 are 3430 x 1490 x 1475 mm with a wheelbase of 2360 mm. The ground clearance of Alto is 160mm and is pretty good for a hatchback. Alto 800 has a cargo/boot space of 177 liters. The full fuel tank capacity of Alto 800 is 35 liters. The tyre of Alto is 14T/80 R 12 with a turning radius of 4.6 m.

Maruti Alto 800 has only one engine option and is a 0.8 liter 12 V F8D engine with 796 cc displacement. The maximum power and torque output for both petrol and CNG options vary a little. The petrol engine generates 47.3 bhp power and 69 Nm torque, while the CNG engine generates 40.3 bhp and 60 Nm power and torque respectively. When the petrol engine provides a mileage of 24.7 kmpl, the CNG engine provides 33.0 km/kg. The 3 cylinder engine functions very smoothly with highly recommended 5W30 engine oil.

Maruti Alto 800 is available in two fuel options and is petrol and CNG. The petrol variant gives a mileage of 24.7 kmpl and the CNG model gives a mileage of 33.0 km/kg. There are 6 variants available with petrol fuel options and 2 with the CNG option. The price range of petrol variant Alto 800 is from 3.01 to 3.68 lakhs. The price range of CNG options is 4.19 and 4.22 lakhs.

No, Maruti Suzuki had announced the production of Maruti Alto 800 has been stopped. In the expert's opinion, the main reason behind this is the introduction of BS6 norms. The 800 cc engine will not be coming to the production line further. Maruti Alto 800 model will be coming back to Indian streets into the entry-level electrical hatchback car segment.

Maruti Alto 800 is an entry-level Hatchback and is equipped with all the basic safety features. The driver’s airbag comes as a standard and a co-passenger airbag is standard for LXi variants. The front co-passenger airbag is optional in STD and LXi variants. The other general safety features with Alto 800 are ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, speed alert system and co-occupant seat belt reminder.

The service charge and maintenance cost for Maruti Alto 800 is listed below. The cost is an approximate estimate and can vary from place to place.

Service KM / Month Free / Paid Total Cost
1 1000/1 Free 0
2 5000/6 Free 0
3 10000/12 Free 1,287
4 20000/24 Paid 4,537
5 30000/36 Paid 3,287
6 40000/48 Paid 4,537
7 50000/60 Paid 3,287

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