How to Improve Your Car AC Performance

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How to Improve Your Car AC Performance

Car AC is compulsory, especially in tropical climatic conditions as in India. The summer temperature is increasing every year, mainly due to human activities. Having a completely metal body, the car interior becomes extremely hot quickly. Good air-conditioning is a must for a comfortable travel experience.

The car's ac performance goes down with time. Consequently, it will start functioning as if a fan blowing out normal air without any cooling effect. Proper periodic maintenance is necessary to improve the car ac performance. Additionally, you can pursue a few maintenance tips to get the optimal output from the car air-conditioning system. This article will help you in understanding how to improve your car's AC performance. For any queries, ac maintenance or servicing, you can always reach out to Indus Motors.

Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Car AC Performance 

A few maintenance tips that you can pursue to keep the car ac in good condition are: 

1. Inspect the Refrigerant Level Periodically

Refrigerant must be available at the prescribed level. The reduced refrigerant level can impact car AC performance. Checking the refrigerant level in the manufacturer's suggested schedule and replenishing if required is important for ensuring ac performance. The low refrigerant level is one of the common problems for ineffective cooling.

2. Maintaining the Condenser Clean

Condenser is a main component of the air-conditioning system. The condenser of the car ac system is installed in the front section of the car. Foreign particles like sand, dirt, and dust can clog the condenser, affecting its functioning and efficacy. Consequently, the cooling effect of the car AC system will go down. Inspect and clean the condenser periodically, with an air hose. To avoid reduced performance of car ac due to choked condenser.

3. Cleaning and Replacement of Car Air Filter

A car air filter prevents foreign particles from entering the system. With usage, the air filter will get accumulated with dirt and dust. This will prevent the smooth flow of air into the ac system evaporator. In turn, the car's ac performance will diminish over a period. Cleaning of the air filters in the suggested periodicity, as well as, replacement after the prescribed service life is mandatory.

4. Car AC System Inspection During Servicing

Not every periodic car servicing consists of ac system inspection and maintenance. You may ask the car service team to undertake the inspection and necessary maintenance of the car ac system as well. Make sure to choose a trustworthy car service centre for the maintenance and servicing works of your car. As you will not be present inside the servicing centre, while your car is being serviced, only a responsible car service centre should be chosen.

Things You Can Do to Ensuring Better Cooling

Even if the car air-conditioning is working well, you may find the car interior hot. This is a common issue during the hot summer climate.   A few things you can consider following, to improve the car ac system efficiency are:

Park the car in a shade

It will take much time and heavy functioning of ac to make the car interior cool if you have parked the car in the summer sun. The temperature inside will be so high that the ac system will have to function with double the power to cool it down. Park the car under a shade whenever possible, to avoid this condition.

Switching On While Driving

Instead of switching on the ac when the car is in a static condition, you may switch it on when the car is in motion. The efficiency of the car ac system improves when the car is moving. As the compressor runs fast in conjunction with the engine crankshaft.

Keeping the Windows Open

You may not be able to find a shade to park the car every time. It is better to keep a couple of windows rolled down in that scenario. If you think it is not safe to leave the window open completely, you can keep the windows slightly (a few mm) open. So that hot air does not get trapped inside. And the car interior gets ventilated.

Ventilate the Car After Starting

The car parked in the sun would be too hot to sit in. The best way to reduce the temperature inside effectively is to roll down all the windows and switch on the blower at the highest speed. You should not switch on the ac at this moment. Once the car is ventilated properly, you can switch on the ac. You can close the windows after a few minutes.

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