Top 10 Tips For Car Tyre Maintenance

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Top 10 Tips For Car Tyre Maintenance

Tired of frequent tyre replacement? Do you know that you can improve the life of your car tyre?

Yes, you can now reduce the wear and tear effectively and use the tyre for a better period by maintaining them properly. Here we are sharing with you the top 10 tips for tyre maintenance. Avoid spending money on car tyre replacement in short periodicities by pursuing these simple tips meticulously.

10 Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

1. Inspect the tyres regularly

Inspecting the car tyres physically once a month will be ideal. It is mandatory if you are driving the car through rough terrains, and poor road conditions regularly. In this case, the life of a car tyre would reduce significantly. The harsh road conditions may cause wear, tear, and other damages. You may consult a tyre specialist if any such abnormality is observed. Expert advice will help you determine how to go ahead about the defect.

2. The size of the wheel bolts must be appropriate

Although it is uncommon for wheel bolts to be of different sizes. As those are provided by the car manufacturer and are seldom replaced. Still, make sure that the wheel bolts are of the correct size. It can damage the wheels if the bolts are short or long. Uneven wheel bolts are a strict no.

3. Tyre pressure suggested by the car manufacturer

Check the tyre pressure at least once in two weeks. Many people are lazy to do it, even though tire charging is done for free at many fuel stations. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure, within the range suggested by the car manufacturer, would enhance safety and would offer a good mileage. Therefore, maintaining the tyre pressure is not only beneficial for the tyre but also for your pocket.

4. Tyre rotation at regular intervals

Tyre rotation may be done at a periodicity of 5000 kilometres. At the same time, you must go for tyre rotation if you observe uneven wear patterns. The tyres should touch the road evenly. Any imbalance in the tyre will result in a particular tyre touching more and another one less. Causing an uneven wear condition. Tyre rotation prevents this condition.

5. Avoid harsh driving

Harsh driving will reduce the life of tyres heavily. Immediate stoppage and sudden breaking will impact the tread. The car would stop with the emergency brake applied but the life of the tyre will come down significantly. If you continue harsh driving. Practice smooth driving, increasing and decreasing speed gradually, and stopping slowly. This would be good for you, the vehicle, and the tyres


6. Wheel balancing at the prescribed periodicity

Wheel balancing is an essential requirement for car tyre maintenance. Otherwise, the wheels and tyre would be subjected to friction, impacting not only the life but also the safety of the vehicle. Road conditions are the villain here as well. When you do not balance the wheel and continue driving on harsh roads the balance will go off. Wheel balancing would ensure a balanced and even rotation.

7. Be alert during monsoon season

Hydroplaning is a common scenario in wet road conditions during monsoons. This leads to premature wear and tear of the tyres. The best way to avoid this is to use new tyres during monsoons. As the water is channelized through the grooves on the thread. Since it is not possible to install new tyres during the monsoon every time, you must be careful about hydroplaning during the season.

8. Careful operation with the jack

Use a hydraulic jack as far as possible, for changing tyres. The jack provided by the car manufacturer is also okay. However, be cautious while using it. Place the jack on a hard surface and observe all the safety precautions. Failure of the jack can not only damage the tyre but also would lead to personal and material damage.

9. Store tyres in the correct place

 Keeping the tyres in a dry and cool place. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight. It would affect the health of the tyre adversely. Water and moisture are also enemies of tyres. If you keep tyres in such conditions, they would become defective much more quickly. Make sure to inspect the Stepney tyre also. Rather, use it instead of keeping it in storage for a long period.

10. Use the tyres of same size and specifications

Mixing tyres of different specifications will affect all the tyres. Many people, especially youngsters, try to mix and match. Mixing radial tyres with non-radials or any other combination tyres. The car may have a distinctive appearance, satiating your views, when the tyres are mixed. But, the life of the tyres will come down largely when you do that.  

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