Top 10 Driving Tips For Women

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Top 10 Driving Tips For Women

Even though the title says “top 10 driving tips for women,” the points we discuss are applicable to all. The new drivers, who become nervous the moment they sit in the driver seat, can contemplate the aspects we discuss here. It would be of great advantage to you, to overcome anxiety and fear.
A majority of the new drivers find it extremely exhilarating when the car starts moving. They will have butterflies in their stomach all the while driving. Though such feelings will disappear with experience, even a minor accident or scratch can affect confidence. The top 10 driving tips for women and new drivers discussed here would be instrumental in overcoming fear and driving the car confidently.

10 Driving Tips For Women

1.      Join a Good Driving School

Joining a driving school is the first thing. We will not suggest you learn driving from your husband or father. They will not be able to match the perfection of a professional driving instructor. The leading driving schools have simulators and theory sessions before the student starts driving a real car. The theory sessions would help in understanding the functioning of the machinery. Although there is no direct use, understanding the engine, gear, clutch and other systems would aid you in knowing the car better. Simulator training induces confidence and helps take control of the real car effortlessly.

2.     Understand the Basics of the Car

Starting the car, checking the gauges, shifting the gear etc has to be learned thoroughly. Gearshift may not be a problem if you are driving an automatic transmission car. Otherwise, it is the most crucial thing for a new driver, both women and men. Practice and experience become more crucial if the manual transmission car has to be stopped or slowed down on a climb. The clutch-gear-accelerator combination is a bit difficult to get accustomed to. The car will start rolling backward if the gear is not engaged in time. The engine will shut down if the gear engagement is hurried. Therefore, it is a complex scenario. In the case of automatic cars, the driver can simply press the accelerator pedal and drive on any terrain. Technology like hill-hold assist offers improved safety.

3.     Learn all the Traffic Rules

Of course, you are supposed to pass the learner’s test before starting driving practice. Only those with a learner’s license are allowed to undergo driving coaching. One must pass the computer-based test on traffic rules to receive the subject license. Many people learn the rules just for the sake of passing this test. You should not do that. Memorize all traffic rules and symbols possible. It would be quite useful when you drive the car alone. Especially, in case of an argument with another person.

 4.     Be Confident

Driving is not a herculean task. Car is another machinery that is designed by human beings. Its control is totally held by you. No need to be nervous or confused. In fact, a nervous mind makes more mistakes. As you are trained, you know everything regarding the car. The only thing you need to have is a positive attitude.

5.     Practice as much as Possible

Practice in your own car as much as possible. There are driving teachers, who help you practice driving your own car, in the city. Choose to undergo the same if you still need a confidence booster. Their presence beside you would infuse confidence and optimism. Post the practice sessions, start driving the car alone. You may avoid driving to the city if you still lack ample confidence. Choose areas with less traffic initially. Then start driving to the city.


6.      Stilettos can Be Problematic

Are you wearing 4-inch stilettos while driving? It can be problematic in many ways. First, the stilettos may slip off the pedals affecting the control. The sharp, pointed, thing can lead to aches in your calves and heel. We understand that you cannot stop wearing stilettos just for comfortable driving. The solution to this is to keep a pair of flat heel shoes or sandals in the car. You can wear them while driving.

7.     Talking Over the Phone

You might be having a busy schedule. You may not have enough time for phone calls or chitchat with friends. Even then, it is not correct to call them or message them when you are driving. By doing so, you are putting yourself as well as others on the road in danger. People often talk on the phone once they become confident. Note that, overconfidence makes more accidents.

8.     No Singing When You are on the Steering Wheel

Distraction is the major cause of destruction. Like making a phone call or sending messages, singing along can distract you. Therefore, it is high time you stop singing along. Just listen and enjoy the song while focussing on the road. Never take your eyes or mind off the road.

9.     First-aid Kit

The car must have a first-aid kit with all the essential medicines. You would never know when it would come into use. It is not possible to borrow medicines from another vehicle. We suggest you keep a torch as well, in the car.

10.     Mirrors in Proper Position

Before driving, always check and ensure the angles of the mirror, adjusting it so it’s at eye level, and making sure it’s not too close or too far away from the driver’s head.

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