Things To Know Before Buying A New Car In 2023

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Things To Know Before Buying A New Car In 2023

Owning a four-wheeler is a dream for many. Fund availability, confusion, budgetary constraints, etc. make most of them apprehensive about going ahead. The availability of budget-friendly, fuel-efficient, and easy-to-maintain cars has been changing the scenario gradually. Here we are listing the things to know before buying a new car in 2023. A prominent Maruti Suzuki dealer since the 1980s, we have been able to support numerous customers in realizing their four-wheeler dreams by offering comprehensive support, exclusive deals, and guidance.

Buying A New Car In 2023 : 6 Things To Know

1. The Price of the Car vis-à-vis Fund Availability

The car’s price as well as whether it is affordable to you or not, are the foremost things you must consider. We will not suggest you buy a costly car by taking a heavy car loan. You may have to sacrifice several other requirements consequently. Furthermore, it will be difficult to maintain the car properly. Impacting the life and resale value of the car.  Every customer must decide on a price range before start researching the car for him or her. The on-road price of the car, including registration charges and insurance, must be taken into consideration.

2. Car Loan Interest Rates

Car loan interest rates have gone up in the post-COVID period. Mainly aiming to recover the loss that occurred during the peak time of the pandemic. Most of the banks offer car loans at similar interest rates. The procedure for obtaining car finance is also almost the same. Nonetheless, some charge additional fees like processing charges. You may confirm the same from the bank before choosing them. Take loans only from a trusted bank to avoid shocks during the loan tenure.

3. Which Segment Car Do You Want?

The compact SUV segment is trending in India. You may decide upon the car segment based on your choice and requirements only. It will not be preferable to go with the trend and buy a car that does not suit your needs. With advanced cars from all the segments like SUVs, compact SUVs, MPVs, hatchbacks, and sedans available, you have limitless options to choose from. SUVs and MPVs may not be useful for daily use many a time. The traffic conditions in the city, parking availability, etc. must be considered prior to determining the car segment. Of course, budget is also an important element here.

4. Shortlist and Test Drive

Each segment has several admirable models available. A visual inspection or opting just based on the looks may not be right when it comes to a four-wheeler. Your driving comfort, on-road performance of the car, and overall handling experience are crucial parameters to be assessed. Therefore, pick a few cars from the segment you decided to buy. It is quite advisable to check out the car reviews and users’ experiences (At the same, those can be confusing for you many times). Reach the car dealership and undertake a test drive to find which one you feel is the best. This is one of the main things to know before buying a new car in 2023 or whenever in the future.

5. Maintenance Schedule of the Car

Proper maintenance is essential for keeping the car in good health. Lack of proper care will lead to recurrent defects. Besides reducing its price in the secondhand car market. The periodicity specified by the car manufacturer must be followed strictly. A new car will continue performing even if you skip one or two maintenance schedules. The after-effect of such negligence would be visible only at a later stage.  Take care of the car and it would respond by performing well. Choosing a trustworthy servicing centre would be important. Since you will not be able to inspect the interior sections of the machinery. And you will have to believe whatever the maintenance supervisor says.

6. Documents and Documentation

You need not worry about the car registration process when you purchase a car from a dependable dealer like Indus Motors. Our professionals would comply with the procedure on your behalf and deliver the registered car to you at the earliest. If you are thinking about the documents required for car registration at RTO, those are:

  • Form 20
  • Sale certificate (form 21)
  • PUC (Form 22)
  • Form 34
  • Proof of identity of the buyer
  • Proof of address
  • Latest passport-size photograph of the car owner
Further, you need to carry the following documents whenever you are driving the car:
  • Four-wheeler driving license in original
  • Car insurance
  • PUC
  • RC book (copy also will do)

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