Heads-Up Display – A Gimmick Or A Useful Feature?

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Heads-Up Display – A Gimmick Or A Useful Feature?

As with changes in every facet of life, the automobile industry is also undergoing massive changes. Car brands are looking into introducing advanced elements in their vehicles. With the popularization of innovative technology, many features which were limited to luxury cars are being integrated into affordable cars as well.

Head-up Display is such a component that is now becoming common rapidly. Head-up Display (HUD) was earlier available in fighter aircraft and top automobile brands only. Earlier, exorbitantly priced HUD was not advisable to be installed in low-priced cars.

Head-Up Display allows you to view the gauges and other parameters without looking down at the readings. The values would be projected in front of the windscreen, which can be viewed without getting distracted. Usage of HUD is also helpful in reducing accidents, as drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road.

How Useful is Head Up Display?

Those who haven’t used HUD may think this is not necessary. Since the driver can check the gauges whenever he or she wants. Habituated to looking down at the readings, without losing concentration on the road, the component may appear unnecessary.

In reality, a head-up display is a very useful feature. The driver can get all the info including navigation guidelines in front of the eyes. He or she doesn’t have to check the smartphone or the car display for the same. With the data available projected in front, the drive would be more comfortable than ever.

Types of Head Up Displays

Two types of Head Up Displays are available. As you might have understood, the types have distinguished the way those project the info, and consequently the price.

Top class, luxurious, cars have Head-Up Displays that project the information including speed, navigation directions, warnings and infotainment system data, on the windshield. Many of those provide options for the customer to customize the data, colour of display etc. This type of Head-Up Display is costly and is presently available only in the top variants of luxury cars.


The second type of HUD is more affordable than the previous one. In this type of head up display, the data is projected onto a plastic screen that pops up. The plastic panel would appear just above the instrumental panel. Hence, it may not be in line with the eyes as in the case of windshield projection.

Pros and Cons of Both Types of Head Up Displays

Even though the first type of HUD is costly and has several pros, it also has a few cons. The pros and cons are:


  • Comfortably projected data that the driver can view without changing his or her focus
  • Data is easily readable with adequate spacing between each info
  • Exorbitantly priced
  • Maybe difficult to see if the driver is wearing polarized glass
The second type of Head Up Display is much cheaper. Due to affordability, it is becoming more common in vehicles. The pros and cons are enumerated below;
  • Competitively priced and anyone can afford it
  • Repair/ replacement is not costly
  • Many data crammed in a small space, as it is projected on a plastic panel
  • May turn difficult for the driver to read a specific info
  • The display is not in line with the eyes

Why It is Good to Buy a Car with Head Up Display?

Head Up Display is a safety feature, more than an element adding to your comfort. It avoids the requirement of looking down repeatedly. Especially when you have to confirm the navigation to a new place.


Cost is a thing that concerns many. HUD’s price has come down remarkably since the past decade. With increased popularity, we can expect it to reduce further. Presently, it may not be a mandatory feature to have in your car. Nonetheless, definitely a good feature.

Characteristics to Check While Choosing a Head Up Display

You may consider the following aspects before opting for a head-up display:

  • Price for the Head Up Display
  • Guarantee/ warranty offered
  • Repair/ replacement costs
  • Possibility of customization of projected data
  • Whether the projection can be adjusted to the line of sight
  • The HUD with the projection of plastic panel need to be checked for efficacy, comfort, and usefulness
Head up display is definitely a preferable feature for cars. In all probability, it would become a common feature in all cars. You can take the reference of automatic transmission in this regard. Auto gear was a functionality limited to luxury cars earlier. However, nowadays it has become a normal feature in all segments of cars. Buying a car with Head Up Display would improve the comfort level. You will not need to move your head too much, which might affect your concentration on the road.   

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