10 Summer Car Tips Every Driver Should Know

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10 Summer Car Tips Every Driver Should Know

The hot summer season is approaching. The atmospheric temperature is increasing every year, apparently due to human activities. Your car requires special care during summer to avoid breakdowns, system malfunctions and unexpected defects. Here are the top 10 summer car tips every driver or car owner should know. It is better to prepare the vehicle in advance, rather than waiting for the summer to arrive.

10 Summer Car Tips For Drivers

1. Check the engine coolant and replace it if necessary

24 months is normally the manufacturer-suggested periodicity of engine coolant. It is good for the engine if you are maintaining this schedule judiciously. Even then, you must check the condition of the engine coolant. The engine is the power source behind the wheels. The heart of any vehicle, the engine is the first thing that should be taken care of. Replenish or replace the coolant liquid if required.


2. Inspect the filters

Air filters, oil filters, PCV etc. can get clogged due to a dusty environment. A partially or completely choked filter can impact the engine performance heavily. Filter inspection may be done before the onset of the summer season. As observed, dust accumulation on the filters is high during the winter and spring seasons. Perhaps due to reduced humidity during those climatic conditions. 

3. Car air-conditioning system

Air conditioning is a must during the summer season. It would be quite difficult to drive without an effective ac system on board. Clogged ac system pipelines, lack of gas, or ineffective coolant can affect the performance of the system. You will be getting hot air or partially cool air (which would feel like hot air during summer) if there are any system glitches. Get the ac system checked by a qualified technician to ensure the performance during the summer season.

4. Inspect the tires

Inspect the tires and make sure that they are in good condition. One thing most of us miss out on is inspecting the spare tyre. Ensure the right pressure in that as well.  Heat buildup during hot climatic conditions can weaken the structural integrity of tyres. Check the tyre pressure in regular periodicity. Undertake wheel alignment at every 6000-8000 kilometres. We suggest you use nitrogen instead of air. Nitrogen remains cool even after a long journey. Further, its non-corrosive qualities reduce the possibility of corrosion on the wheels.

5. Battery condition

 Excessive temperature can reduce battery life. Moreover, the probability of corrosion elevates in hot climatic conditions. Overall, the summer season is not healthy for batteries. Hence, you must take good care of the battery during the season. It is advised to check battery fluid levels monthly. Inspection of wiring and connections on a periodic basis is also good for the battery. We suggest you take professional assistance for the inspection and maintenance of the battery. If you are undertaking the examination by yourself, adhere to all the safety precautions.

6. Check the brake system

Several car owners think brake system inspection is necessary during monsoon only. It is not the case. You need to inspect the brake system thoroughly and undertake maintenance prior to summer also. The high temperature on the brake pads increases the wearing-out ratio. Inspection and maintenance of the braking system would help in preventing brake system defects during the summer.

7. Engine oil replenishment

Engine oil with adequate viscosity and quality is essential for keeping the engine healthy. High-temperature conditions during the summer will affect the engine oil heavily. Consequently, it may lose the traits it is supposed to have. As an effect, the engine performance, as well as life, may go down. Make it a practice to check engine oil regularly during the summer season.


8. Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers may be required during summer as well. It is not just meant for the rainy season. Inspect the wiper blades for their condition and replace them if necessary. The wiper blades may stick to the windshield due to high temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the wipers raised if you are parking the car under the sun. 

9. Car lights

The effect of UV rays would be high during summer. It can damage the lights of your car. Hence, you may undertake regular inspections of lights. Burned-out lights, damaged lens covers, etc. may be inspected properly. Yellowing of headlamps is due to the clear coat getting damaged due to the sun. In that case, corrective actions may be taken with the help of a qualified technician.

10. Overall inspection

We advise you to undertake an overall inspection of the car and systems before the summer. So that you do not have to visit the service centre during high-temperature conditions. A trusted car repair and service centre would provide meticulous inspection and service. Thereby preventing any possibility of defects or performance lapse.

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