How to Choose the Right Engine Oil for Your Car?

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How to Choose the Right Engine Oil for Your Car?

Normally, people do not check the engine oil being replenished in the car. The mechanic would decide the brand and type of engine oil used. It would not be a problem if you were servicing your car at a reliable car service centre. Nonetheless, it would be good to know about the right engine oil for your car. You can also replace the oil when it is due.

A few points to be borne in mind while choosing the engine oil for your car. Timely change and usage of the correct engine oil would enhance engine life. And offer trouble-free performance. The engine oil specified would depend on the type of engine, climatic conditions (obviously, the engine oil suggested in a tropical climate would definitely differ from the one for cold weather), road conditions etc.

Refer to the Manual

The car manual would have detailed info regarding the engine oil to be used. Check the specifications and confirm the oil being replenished meets the standard specified.

Viscosity Gradient

The viscosity grade of the engine oil is the fundamental thing that differentiates engine oils. The grade would be mentioned on the packing, which would be two numbers separated with the alphabet “W” at the centre. The number preceding the alphabet indicates the viscosity of the oil in a cold-weather scenario. It would tell you the lowest temperature at which the engine oil would perform without any difficulties.

The number that succeeds the alphabet W specifies the viscosity of the oil while the engine is running. It could be any number between 8 and 60. Generally, the viscosity quotient during engine operation is stipulated between 16 and 40.

Performance of the Engine Oil

The specifications would reflect the performance of the engine oil. The manufacturers would have proposed the type and specs of the engine oil in the car manual. A number of testing and performance evaluation is undertaken prior to approving the oil for usage. Hence, you should avoid using any other than what is specified in the manual. Better to confirm from a qualified technician if you want to use any oil that promises performance enhancement.

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Choose the Right Kind of Engine Oil

Different kinds of engine oil, based on the composition and the method of manufacturing, are available in the market. The right kind of oil should be preferred to avoid unwarranted damage to the engine.

The engine oil available are:

  •  Synthetic Engine Oil – Fully synthetic engine oil offers high performance at every scenario. This type of oil is used for heavy-duty vehicles and top-end engine variants. Being quite expensive, synthetic engine oil is not advised for normal vehicles.
  • Semi-synthetic Engine Oil – Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of organic oil and synthetic oil. It is not as costly as fully-synthetic oil. Used for high-performing SUVs and MUVs, the semi-synthetic oil performs well at high temperatures, as well as, in heavy load scenarios.
  • Conventional Engine Oil – This is perhaps the most chosen kind of engine oil, owing to the price. The composition of the engine oil comprises of very less percentage of additives compared to both synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oil.
  • High-mileage Engine Oil – Prescribed to be used in old cars with low engine performance and high fuel consumption, high-mileage engine oil provides enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Conventional Engine Oil (Premium) – Premium conventional engine oil is normally used in light vehicles. This kind of engine oil is available in different viscosity ratings. Customers can choose the right composition based on the directives from the manufacturer.

Why Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Your Car Matters?

Choosing the right engine oil for your car is of paramount importance. Using an engine oil of the wrong composition will result in unpleasant implications. Your car’s performance can go down phenomenally. Besides affecting the life of the engine and its components. 

The reasons that make it necessary to select the appropriate engine oil are:

  • Life – With the engine components including bearings functioning in a heated environment, due to the inefficiency of the engine oil used, can impact the engine life severely. Using the right engine oil is the only way to ensure optimal life for the engine.
  • Performance – Undoubtedly, the engine performance would go down, especially due to the overheating caused by the ineffective engine oil.
  • Mileage – A wrong engine oil can lead to increased fuel consumption. You would be paying much more for fuel, with the reduced mileage. Avoid wasting money on fuel by selecting the engine oil suggested by the manufacturer or the qualified technicians.
  • Defects – Recurrent defects is another issue caused by unapproved engine oils. You must go for the prescribed engine oil for ensuring trouble-free functioning.  You may have to spend exorbitantly on repair and maintenance itself.
Choosing the right engine oil is not a complex task. With the manufacturers and mechanics offering adequate guidelines regarding the specifications. You can consult an approved, dependable, servicing centre if any doubt persists. Or if you want to change the engine oil with a high-performing type or a low cost one.

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