Why Is The WagonR The Perfect City Car

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Why Is The WagonR The Perfect City Car

The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has been the most sold hatchback since its launch in 1999. Yes, the car has been outperforming all the others in the segment quite efficiently. Have you ever thought about how this particular car won this phenomenal feat? Or why WagonR is the perfect city car. We have contemplated the factors that paved the way for the unparalleled success of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R.

The assimilated points are discussed here in this article. Further, we suggest you contact us to book this wonderful model or to know the WagonR price in Kerala.

Reasons for WagonR Becoming the Ideal City Car

The Maruti Wagon R is the most common car you will come across during a city drive. The car became a bestseller in just a few days from its launch. The sale-run that began then, continues incessantly.

1. Driveability

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR is an easy car to drive. It can be controlled effortlessly, even in packed city traffic. Unlike so many other cars, this one would not inflict a load on the driver. Moreover, the dimensional peculiarities help in parking the car even in small spaces.

2. Fuel-efficiency

The driver would be applying brakes, depressing the clutch, and changing gears frequently during a city drive. This directly affects the mileage of the car. Considering the rising fuel prices, it has been a concern for car owners. WagonR offers decent mileage, thereby reducing fuel expenses.

3. Maintenance-friendly

Maruti Suzuki has ensured a good production quality. The car is durable and technically efficient. Hence, it is not prone to frequent defects or material failures. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of a Maruti Wagon R is much less than the competing models.


4. Production Quality

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR nowadays is based on the Heartect platform. The lightweight but strong platform makes for a pleasant driving experience. Besides being safer than the previous-gen WagonR.

5. Cabin Space

The car is adequately spacious to accommodate five people easily. It has an airy interior, providing a comfortable journey for the family. The space availability, fuel efficiency, and maintenance-friendly characteristics have made it the favourite model for taxis as well.

6. Factory-installed CNG Kit

Skyrocketing fuel prices have forced customers to think differently. CNG is a viable choice to keep fuel expenditure under control. The trusted, factory-installed CNG kit in the WagonR assures performance and safety. The WagonR CNG variant has been one of the most popular models from Maruti Suzuki. The WagonR is the most popular model among Maruti's one lakh CNG variants sold the previous year.


7. Smart Appearance

Maruti Suzuki has been implementing style changes to meet the increasing competition. Car buyers and car reviewers alike have lauded the simple yet smart appearance of the latest gen Maruti WagonR. It simply highlights how much the manufacturers focus on delivering the best to the customers.

8. Value for Money

Value for money is another factor that is attributed to Maruti WagonR’s acceptance as the perfect city car. You don’t have to shell out a large amount to own this car. Many may not even need a car loan to own this number one hatchback in India. This is perhaps one of the prime reasons for Maruti Suzuki Wagon R continuing its dream journey.

9. Automatic Option

Maruti was the first brand to offer automatic transmission on a low-cost hatchback.monopoly of the premium brands, exclusively in their top variants, Maruti destroyed the concept simply. Maruti Wagon R also comes with an automatic transmission option. Owning an automated WagonR costs only slightly more than the manual variant. Nonetheless, it is worth the money.

10. The Trust Maruti Has

 "Maruti" is the straightforward answer to the question, "which is "which is the most trusted car manufacturer in India?" Established in February 1981, the car brand soon became number one in the Indian automobile sector. Presently, Maruti exports cars to many countries. Imagine how it has grown from being a car manufacturer for Indians to being one exporting them around the world. Maruti vehicles have been flying off the shelves.This has been another factor that paved the way for the WagonR to be considered the perfect city car.

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