Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Car's Fuel Efficiency

Rising fuel prices have been a matter of concern for many. It has already dented the monthly budget of the family. Leading to the implementation of measures to maintain the monthly bills within affordable limits. Your car’s fuel efficiency has an undeniable role in overall expenditure on the vehicle. Observing the top 10 ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency is effective in cutting down on fuel expenses.

Best 10 Ways to Improve Car's Fuel Efficiency

1. Scheduled Servicing is Important

A regular servicing schedule is necessary for maintaining the machinery, components including filters and the engine healthy. More often than not, people procrastinate maintenance and servicing schedules thinking that it will help them save money. On the contrary, delayed or irregular servicing would cost you more in terms of fuel consumption and defects. Choked or inefficient fuel/ air filters can lead to reduced mileage. Inspection, repair and replacement of components and overall servicing of the system are crucial for maintaining healthy fuel efficiency.



2. Tyre Pressure is Crucial

You are going to pay more for fuel if you are not maintaining the car tyre pressure. The contact area between the tyre and the road increases when you drive on flat tyres. More contact area means more friction. This would necessitate more power for obtaining speed, causing increased fuel consumption. Maintain the tyre pressure recommended by the manufacturer always to prevent this issue.

3. Idling Condition Impacts Fuel Saving

Think of the fuel burned when you are waiting for the signal. Or you are waiting for the family to get ready and come. You are just expending fuel without moving even an mm from the spot. The car manufacturers have invented a solution for this situation and introduced an automatic start-stop system. Hence, you can opt for such a model if you are buying a new car. Else, you should switch off the engine whenever you wait at a spot for more than a minute or so.

4. Switch the Air-conditioning Off and Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your car

Are you habituated to keeping the AC on irrespective of the climate? It would be a good idea to keep it off when the climate is cool. The power, as well as the mileage of the car, will increase and you can save money. It is estimated that around 30% of fuel can be saved just by this method.  

5.  Wheel Alignment Plays the Main Role in Mileage

A misaligned wheel can put a load on the steering wheel. That is the main visible effect if the alignment is not proper. Eventually, the tyre will wear out really fast and the fuel efficiency will dip.



6. Plan Your Moves


Planning your trip and route will help you reduce fuel consumption.  Unnecessary stoppage on the way can cause the fuel to burn while waiting. Moreover, congested roads, traffic jams, and long routes will affect the mileage. In turn, you will be spending much more on fuel than you expect. Clubbing multiple requirements can help you reduce repeated travel and thereby save fuel.

7. Practice Gear Change


The higher the gear the more the fuel efficiency. Try to drive the car in fifth gear and at a speed of 80 km/ hr (considering the speed limit directives by the authority), the maximum time. Avoid increasing the RPM suddenly. Of course, this tip for improving the car’s fuel efficiency may not be helpful for those using city roads. You cannot avoid traffic in that case. Buying an advanced car with automatic transmission and auto start-stop technology would be useful here.

8. Maintain Constant Speed, Rise Gradually

Maintaining a constant speed would be useful in enhancing fuel efficiency. People tend to raise the speed enthusiastically when they see a long empty stretch. They might need to reduce their speed suddenly due to obstructions, traffic signals, or pedestrian crossings. This can hamper fuel efficiency and result in higher consumption of fuel than normal.

9. Increased Weight, Reduced Mileage

The mileage of the car will go down when the weight of the luggage goes up. Reduce the carriage as much as possible. People tend to keep many things inside the car over a period. They are reducing the mileage unintentionally. Load the car with more baggage only when it is unavoidable.

10. Do not Delay Shifting the Gear

Do not wait for the car to reach the highest speed before shifting the gear. Choose a higher gear as the car accelerates. The higher the gear the lower the fuel consumption at high speeds. You are overloading the engine by delaying the gearshift. Causing increased fuel consumption and wear and tear of the engine components.

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