Car care tips to increase your car's span

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Car care tips

In this era, a car is not just a goal to achieve or possess but it is a part of the day to day life. An automobile is not a part of luxury, but a need to save our time, money and energy to do better things with life. In total, we all depend on our automobile largely in this fast-growing world to keep up with the pace. So we need to take care of our automobile for better performance and save time and money. Let us start with some car care tips, why we should care for our car?

  • To enjoy an improved safety
  • To enhance performance and reliability
  • To be safe from expensive future maintenance cost( A stitch in time saves nine!)
  • To get a higher resale value
  • To become a part of a cleaner environment

So, now we know the why of things and we can go for some car care tips to keep in mind to better care for our car.

  1. Respect your car/ Drive carefully - A careful driving is the best care we can provide for our car. These are some practices we can follow and advice to sustain the car's performance and efficiency.
    • Do not accelerate the engine during startup, start slowly and accelerate as needed.
    • Keep the car in neutral at traffic signals to give the engine some rest
    • Do not heat the engine if you are going to be idle for more than five minutes
    • Drive at the optimal speed as per the gear is designed and avoid high speed and quick accelerations
  2. The checklist every driver should know - there is some checklist that every driver should learn or know to have a hazard and hassle-free drive. Following these checklist helps to avoid potential roadside breakdowns.
    • Check the tyre pressure and inflate properly
    • Check for the depth of tyre treads and unwanted stone or sharp objects stick in between
    • Check the engine oil level periodically
    • Check the engine coolant level
    • Check for engine belts randomly
    • Take note of fuel economy
    • Check for the headlamps, fog lamps, and the indicators
    • Understand the warning signals in your dashboard
  3. Some healthy beauty tips for your car - Don't get surprised or confused by the term beauty tips, it doesn’t mean to decorate the car, but to maintain the aesthetics with some simple techniques.
    • Wash the car once a week with proper shampoo and keep it dry
    • Clean the windshields and glasses to avoid dust accumulation, which creates poor visibility
    • Thoroughly clean the interiors, remove all unwanted garbage and vacuum to maintain the upholstery and clusters clean.
    • Always try to park in the sades to keep the color from fading
    • Give AC air filters proper cleaning at regular intervals
    • Clean the brake linings for safety and to avoid internal corrosion
    • Dust out the mats and keep them dry before placing inside the car
    • Waxing the car give protection from corrosion, bird droppings and keep your car shining
    • Change the wipers periodically
    • Clean the battery terminals with mild hot water and polish with petroleum jelly.
  4. Some “Key” points - Never overburden your car keys. Many have a practice of keeping heavy keychains or keeping all the keys together. This is not a good practice as this will eventually wear out the ignition system with its weight and bouncing over time.
  5. Some fueling tips - it is always better to fuel your car from reputed gas stations. It is a fact that it will not be easy to follow. If a fuel station is filling up, it will be better to avoid fueling from the station for the time being. When the tanks are filled, there are chances of sediments to come along with fuel you are filling your vehicle.
  6. Balancing tips for safety - as earlier mentioned always check for tyre pressures and keep at the desired pressure. Always remember to keep the nozzle close to avoid other particles to get into it. Do regular wheel alignment to get good drive control and to keep the tyres uniformly used. Rotate the tyres periodically to maintain the wearing of the tyre in uniform.
  7. Periodic maintenance - Do the proper maintenance of your car as per the manual. Make sure with the service station, air filter, oil filter, engine oil, and coolant are replaced and refilled on the desired services. Periodic maintenance also helps to identify some possible fault occurrences and can be avoided with proper service.
  8. Insurance - buy proper insurance coverage for the vehicle. This is very important by law and also for our safety. We can't avoid an accident, even if we drive very carefully. In these times insurances will help us to give the proper service for the vehicle without emptying our pockets.

Taking much care of your car is comparatively simple. At the nucleus of all these car care tips is your car owner’s manual which will provide you with all the things you need to perform a kind of things on your car. Adhering to some, if not all, of these car care tips, can also help keep your car in tip-top appearance.

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