Pros and cons of manual and automatic transmission engines

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manual and automatic transmission engines

So, you have finally decided to buy a new car? But, confused about which transmission to choose. The transmission of your vehicle allows you to change the gear more efficiently by transferring the engine’s power to the drive axle. While the transmission plays a very important role in your vehicle, there is no absolution while choosing between automatic and manual. Both of them come with their own set of pros and cons which we will be discussing in a while. At the end of the day, it’s your car, so we will leave the choice to you. We believe that our brief explanation will give you a clear insight into the transmission and let you choose more effectively. Whenever you visit  Indus Motors, just let us know your preferences and we will guide you through the best possible transmission suited for you.

Manual Transmission

If you are someone who has already driven a stick shaft before, you must be accustomed to the versatility of it. While the manual transmission was developed before the automatic one, it is still in use offering the liberty of changing gears to the driver.

Manual Transmission Pros

Here is a list of some of the advantages of using Manual transmission to enjoy your vehicle ride to the fullest:

  • Less Expensive: Automatic transmission cars are costly while manual transmission vehicles are comparatively a lot of cheaper and budget-friendly
  • Better Fuel Efficiency: If you want to save on your overall fuel cost, manual transmission is a far better option for you. With a manual transmission, there is always less complexity involved in the case of machinery, which in turn delivers better fuel efficiency. And one more thing to note that proper gear shifting only gives you better efficiency.
  • Cheaper to Maintain: With a manual transmission, since there is less complexity involved, it is far cheaper to maintain the vehicle. In a nutshell, with a cheaper vehicle and a cheaper maintenance cost, you are always good to go.

Manual Transmission Cons

Manual Transmission has got more disadvantages when compared to an automatic transmission. Given below is a list of all the drawbacks of vehicles with manual transmission:

  • Constant gear shifts: While manual transmission gives you the liberty to completely control your vehicle, it also becomes difficult to constantly change the gear and work on the clutch, especially in areas with heavy traffic. And when we use our car for a daily commute, this should be a point of concern.
  • Lesser Resale Value: While we were talking about the lesser price tag for vehicles with a manual transmission, the same goes for its resale value. If you are having a thought of changing your car within a small span, consider this too.

Automatic Transmission

A vehicle with an automatic transmission is one of the most popular options right now in the market. Due to its lesser complexity of gear shifting, it is especially recommended to first-time car owners. Automatic Transmissions are popular because they are easier to operate. Many of our young customers especially working women showing more interest in automatic cars for their hassle-free daily commute in the city traffic.

Automatic Transmission Pros

If you are someone who is thinking about buying a new car, here is a list of a few of the advantages of using automatic transmission:

  • Easiness in Use: Yes, you heard that right. Driving a car with automatic transmission is just like a child’s play. Well, there is no such complexity involved in changing the gears on your own, but still, it takes a while to get a better grip on the wheels. While an automatic transmission is much easier to learn and fun to control.
  • Lesser Manual Restriction: While handling manual transmission cars are tough, an automatic transmission is pretty easy to handle. With the help of automatic transmission, you don’t have to deal with all the manual restrictions that come along with manual transmission. And you can keep your hands behind the wheels for better road safety.
  • Better Navigation: While it might seem like nothing changing a few gears on your own but it surely is when it comes to traveling through high traffic or steep area. With the help of automatic transmission, you don’t need to think about changing the gears all the time while getting the power and speed control required for the moment.

Automatic Transmission Cons

With such benefits, automatic transmissions also come with its own set of disadvantages. Some of them are given below:

  • Costly: With such great benefits, the automatic transmission comes with a high price tag compared with manual ones. Automatic transmission vehicles have complex machinery systems involved inside to give us an easy and smooth driving experience.
  • Lesser Fuel Efficiency: With more machine complexity, automatic transmissions require more torque than that of a manual one. This, in turn, affects the overall fuel consumption of the vehicle. The carmakers are on the research to make automatic transmission engines more fuel-efficient.


When you are out there to buy a new car, don’t just think about the type of transmission you want to go with. Yes, the transmission plays a crucial role in a vehicle, but it is also important to consider your budget, driving experience, driving environment. Once you have sorted out all of these, you are good to go. Just head over to our Indus Motors showroom and you can choose from a wide variety of vehicles, both manual and automatic transmissions.

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