Automatic Cars vs Manual Cars: Pros And Cons

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Automatic Cars vs Manual Cars: Pros And Cons

The debate about automatic cars and manual cars has been continuing ever since the introduction of affordable automatic cars. Maruti Suzuki was the first one to step into the territory by offering reasonably-priced hatchbacks with automated transmission. It was a turning point for the Indian automobile industry. The feature that was limited to brand hatchbacks became accessible to those looking for budget cars as well.

It is an unopposed fact that both automatic transmission cars and manual transmission cars have pros and cons. Knowing them would be useful in determining which one would suit you. The analysis here is based on our studies and observation. At least in a few aspects, your take might differ from ours.
Let’s delve into the topic of automatic cars vs manual cars: pros and cons.

What is Manual Transmission?

Manual transmission is the most common type of gearshift available in India. The majority of the car models are available with a manual gearbox. The automatic transmission would be optional, exclusively in the top variants, in those cars.  

The gearshift in manual transmission cars necessitates depressing the clutch initially. This would disengage the gear from the engine. Subsequently, the driver can change the gear and release the clutch pedal carefully to engage the gear with the engine. The gear level has to be increased with increasing speed. Incorrect gear selection, i.e. low gear at high speeds, can affect the fuel efficiency and performance of the car negatively.

Pros of Manual Transmission Cars

The pros of manual transmission cars include:

  • Cheaper than automatic transmission cars. The customer has to pay additionally if he or she is opting for an automatic variant of the same model.
  • The control of the car is with the driver. No need to think about the possibility of failure of the automatic system or the consequences.
  • Manual transmission cars are installed with simple systems. Therefore those are maintenance-friendly and comparatively cheaper to maintain.
  • Manual cars normally offer better mileage than automatic cars.

Cons of Manual Transmission Cars

As with anything, there are a few disadvantages as well. The cons of manual transmission cars include:

  • The driver must know the basic mechanism to avoid making mistakes while driving a manual car.
  • Learning to drive a manual car is more difficult when compared to automatic cars.
  • Experience is necessary for undertaking smooth gearshifts and handling the car in tough terrains.
  • Nowadays, driving a manual car in city traffic is a difficult task.
  • It might be difficult for inexperienced drivers to handle the car in steep climbs.

What is Automatic Transmission?

The automatic transmission does not require the driver’s involvement in changing the gears. The system installed would sense the speed of the car and engage the appropriate gear accordingly. Gear shifting is not a problem even if the driver is inexperienced when the car is an automatic one.

Different types of automatic gearboxes are available. The type of automated gear system would differ depending on the car manufacturer and the model of the car. The auto-gear options installed in Indian cars are Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), and Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

Pros of Automatic Cars

Automatic cars are slowly conquering the automobile market in India. Car buyers nowadays are more inclined towards automatic transmission options. No wonder, the advantages offered by automatic cars are the reason behind this phenomenon. The procs of automatic cars are:

  • Drive the car comfortably irrespective of the terrain, climatic condition, traffic or any other adverse scenarios.
  • Just focus on the road and continue driving. No need to remember the gear, no necessity of shifting the gear as per the speed, etc. Everything is handled by the automatic transmission system.
  • No experience is required while stopping on a climb or driving the car in rocky hilly terrains.
  • Stop the vehicle at climbs without the fear of rolling back while starting again.
  • No switching off of the engine due to the wrong power/ gear ratio.  

Cons of Automatic Cars

The disadvantages of automatic cars include:

  • Costlier than manual transmission options. You will have to spend more than that on a manual car for buying an automatic car.
  • Maintenance cost is relatively high.
  • As the system is complex, the repair cost also would be high in the rare circumstances of automatic transmission system defects.

Manual Car or Automatic Car

The type of transmission to choose would basically depend on individual choice. Hence, we cannot state which one might be correct for you. Still, you may check the following factors towards deciding whether to buy an automatic car or a manual car.

Fund Availability

Money is the root of everything. You do not have to think about anything else if you have sufficient funds to opt for any car without any limitations. Otherwise, budget is an important factor to consider. The leading car dealerships have a good rapport with banks. Hence, they would help you get a car loan if required. However, taking more money than you can handle would land you in a debt trap.

Driver’s Experience

Of course, the driver will get experience after driving the car for a few days. Even then, it would be good to go for an automatic transmission car if the driver is inexperienced. He or she will be able to drive the car without any concerns or confusion. With the automatic system boosting their confidence. Automatic cars are good for aged people also.

Maintenance Expenditure

The maintenance cost of an automatic car is higher than that of a manual transmission car of the same model. Hence, you should have the fund availability to undertake periodic maintenance and servicing meticulously. Improper or irregular maintenance can lead to defects in an automatic transmission system, which might turn costly for you.

Have you decided which car to buy? Do you need expert guidance regarding automatic and manual cars?

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