Which Car Should You Buy: Petrol or Diesel?

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Which Car Should You Buy: Petrol or Diesel?

Many theories float around that state which is a better option; petrol or diesel.  Most of the time the calculations are so confusing that customers leave to pick either fuel option without much thought. You cannot give a generic statement just based on fuel efficiency, expenditure, usage or maintenance. Rather, the right fuel option would depend on the user.
Hence, we are comparing petrol and diesel cars in this blog. So that you can ultimately decide which would suit you better. As it is said, nothing is black or white. Similarly, both fuel options have pros and cons. The type of car, fuel option, variant, etc would depend on your tastes.  

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car

The elements we analyze here would include:

  • Fuel efficiency (Yes, we understand that the rising fuel prices are your first concern)
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Cost of the car
  • Engine performance
  • Resale value

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car: Fuel Efficiency

Diesel cars ideally have better mileage than petrol cars. Therefore, you can save on fuel expenses by choosing a diesel car. But, how much you can save would depend on the usage. You can save a good amount on fuel if you are buying a car to be used as a taxi or if you use the car extensively on a daily basis. Diesel is also cheaper than petrol making it more profitable.

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car: Maintenance Expenses

Diesel cars require more maintenance than petrol cars. Hence, the maintenance expenses on diesel cars are also higher. The type of maintenance required and the overall expenditure for servicing would differ depending on the model of the car.

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car: Cost of the Car

Diesel cars are always priced higher than petrol cars. It is a known fact that a petrol car would be more affordable than the diesel variant of the same model. This is the prime reason why experts suggest you go for the diesel variant only if you are going to drive the car extensively. That way you can recover the extra amount spent as savings on fuel expenses. Otherwise, you are wasting money by paying extra for a diesel car.

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car: Engine Performance

Diesel engines normally have a better life than petrol engines. However, petrol engines provide instant pick-up. Petrol engines are considered more efficient. Moreover, diesel engines cause an increased carbon footprint than petrol engines. Therefore, usage of the diesel engine is less promoted. Further, diesel engines earlier were producing high Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH). The NVH value of a petrol car is low compared to a diesel one. Nowadays, diesel engines also come refined. Thereby, with reduced NVH values.  

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car: Long Distance Travel

The comparison is given below:

  • Considering fuel expenses, a diesel car is better for long drives.
  • Maintenance expenses due to excessive usage would be higher on a diesel car than on a petrol car.

Which is a Better Fuel Option: Petrol or Diesel?

As we have said in the beginning, the selection is purely personal. The decision to buy a diesel car or petrol car would be basically on one’s requirements, type of use, and the extent of usage.

Diesel cars would help in saving money on fuel expenses. Since they have higher fuel economy and low fuel costs. The power and pick-up of a petrol car is the main factor that makes petrol cars superior to diesel.

Maintenance costs of diesel cars are higher than petrol cars. The repair process of diesel cars is also intricate. Furthermore, petrol engines withstand higher temperatures effectively, offering better efficiency in all conditions.

Difference Between Petrol Car And Diesel Car

We have tabulated the factors after evaluating all the points.

Petrol Car Diesel Car
Not going to use the car much (Maximum monthly usage between 1000-1500 km) Planning to use the car extensively
(Maybe around 2000 km a month)
Diesel variant priced ₹70k+ The price difference between the petrol and diesel variant is not above ₹70k
To be used for personal needs occasionally Going to use the car for taxi service
  Not planning to change the car at least for eight years


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