Top 10 Car Care Tips For Monsoon

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Top 10 Car Care Tips For Monsoon

The monsoon is here. Is your car ready to face it? If not, prepare your vehicle to meet the harsh rains, moisture, and wind. Institute the top 10 car care tips for monsoon explained in this article. Protect your car with the tips we are discussing here.

10 Monsoon Car Care Tips

1. Replace the Worn-out Tyres

Worn-out tyres are a definite no. People normally do not give adequate attention to tyres. A tyre with its tread worn out will not have sufficient grip on the road, especially during monsoon. Go for a new tyre or consider re-treading (if you have limitations with your budget). 

2. No Defective Wipers

Wiper blades are of paramount importance during monsoon. Rainwater will not be removed properly if the wiper blades are uneven. The wiper blades melt and stick with the windscreen when you park the car in sun. This is the most common reason for wiper blades becoming defective. It would be good if you can keep the wiper blades raised while parking it under the sun. Ineffective wiping will affect visibility and may lead to accidents. It is extremely dangerous to drive with defective wiper blades, during heavy monsoon.  

3. Inspect and Clean Under the Car

The area beneath the vehicle will pick up heavy amounts of dirt and mud during the monsoon. Damaged roads, potholes, and muddy paths can create more trouble during the season. The dirt and mud can cause corrosion weakening the underbody area of the car.  Moreover, fuel efficiency can also come down as a result. Inspect and clean the under-body area. Application of anti-corrosive painting may be considered during the pre-monsoon inspection.

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4. Fill Fluid in the Wiper Tank 

You may be confused when we say about wiper fluid. Why it is required when it’s already pouring? Of course, you need not require wipe fluid while it’s raining. But, there would be dirt accumulated on the windscreen as the rain stops. Dry wiping is not advisable even during monsoon.

5. Effective Air-conditioning System

 Foggy windscreens and windows are the results if the interior and exterior temperatures are different. Maintaining the temperature inside the car the same as the atmospheric temperature is necessary to avoid glasses becoming foggy. Get the air-conditioning system checked if you don’t want to get blinded by a misty windscreen. Such a scenario is going to be extremely dangerous especially in the night-time during monsoon. 

6. Keep All the Drain Holes Clear

Choked drain holes will cause water accumulation. Corrosion, stink, electrical system issues and dirt are the most common consequences in this scenario.

7. Proper Sealing of the Car 

Damaged rubber seals on the door, boot, or sunroof can lead to water getting inside the car. Water droplets from the top would not only cause disturbance but also result in corrosion and a bad odour. Inspect the rubber seals periodically, as well as, during the pre-monsoon inspection. It would be great if you can inspect the rubber seals during the monsoon as well. 

8. Dry Engine Bay

Having a clean and dry engine bay is important. Severe issues can occur if water or moisture gets into electric connections and electronic devices. With the advanced digital technology integrated, vehicles nowadays have become complex machines. Avoid water ingress inside the engine bay. If even a single drop of water manages to reach the air filter, it can result in engine seizure and hefty repair expenses.

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9. Keep an Emergency Kit Ready Inside the Car

Keep an emergency kit ready inside your car. You may not know when would you require it. You might have read or heard the stories of people getting trapped during monsoons. Heavy floods in some areas may force you to remain inside the car. An emergency kit is going to be your savior during such a situation. Keep some medicines like bandages, cotton, medicines for wounds, pain killers, tablets for fever, etc, dry fruits, chocolates, and other items in the kit.

10. Drive with Caution

 Monsoon is the season of accidents as well. Anything can go wrong at any time. Human error, overconfidence, careless driving, and liquor are the most common reasons for accidents. Poor visibility during incessant rain is another villain. Install fog lamps if the climatic scenario necessitates that. Always drive cautiously during the monsoon season. Avoid mixing drinking and driving. Drink at home, if you want, and never go driving after that. You can save both the car and precious life by observing the suggested precautions.
These are the top 10 car care tips for monsoon. By pursuing the tips we discussed here, you can protect your car and maintain it technically healthy for a longer period than normal. The aforesaid tips would also provide you with a comfortable drive, and relaxed driving experience during monsoon.

We suggest you go for pre-monsoon checks at a reliable car service center. So that the car performs well even during heavy rains.

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