Maruti Suzuki, Arena,Nexa and True Value

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Maruti Suzuki, Arena,Nexa and True Value

Maruti Suzuki, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is a collaborative business of Indian company formerly known as Maruti Udyog Limited and Japanese automobile company Suzuki Motor Corporation from 1982. The mission behind the collaboration is to provide economical automobiles especially to the common people of India and by doing so to achieve an industrial/automobile revolution in India. Within a short time, Maruti Suzuki had gained the trust of people and they are still delivering the same. In 1983 the first manufacturing unit started in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. From there started a revolution in the Indian automobile market and economy. Initially, the stake percentage of Suzuki was 26% and later by 1987 they increased the same to 40%. Then in 1992, the stake percentage is increased to 50% and now Suzuki holds the major share of 56.2 percentage.

The sales network Across India

Maruti Suzuki has 3598 sales outlets across 1861 cities in India and planning to reach 4000 showrooms by 2020. Maruti Suzuki has 3792 service centers across India to provide the best service for the customers. Maruti Service centers in India cater 46000 cars per day. Maruti Suzuki has 970 plus dealer outlets across India. Indus Motors is one of the largest networks in India with 145 plus showrooms in Kerala. Indus Motors has been the top Maruti seller for 13 years in raw.

Maruti Suzuki has been providing franchises for promoting the sale in India. The network and the brand trust help them to grow high and now more than 53 % of cars on Indian roads are of Maruti Suzuki cars. Keep up with the mission Maruti Suzuki gained the name - Family car and been serving the Indian population with its economical, fuel-efficient cars since then.

With the long 36 and counting years of experience, Maruti Suzuki continues to deliver economical and practical vehicles in India. As part of stepping with the generation, Maruti Suzuki has four retail channels and is Maruti Suzuki Arena, NEXA, Commercial and true value. Let us have a detailed look at each to know more.

2001 - Maruti True value

Maruti True value builds an organized structure in the pre-owned car business. Maruti implemented the idea that buying a pre-owned car is the same as that of buying a new car. Each customer will have a lot of confusion and questions that need clarity. With True value outlet, Maruti caters to all these concerns under one roof.

At True value, each car is gone through a 376 point check and serviced and refurbished with genuine Maruti parts. Maruti True Value is not any place to buy a pre-owned car, but one can buy the car with 3 free services and a 1-year warranty. True value has more than 1252 outlets covering 942 cities and guarantees simplicity, reliability, transparency, warmth, and professionalism. A customer can access a wide range of pre-owned cars through the portal or mobile app before the visit. At True value, the customer executive will be available to walk through each car to get the details and compare your vehicle. The best part is, each customer will get full support to do the needed paperwork from the True value team.

2015 - Maruti NEXA - Create, Inspire

Maruti Suzuki always has the name of the common man's car, and as part of catering to those who are ready to spend more on avail fine class specifications and experience, they started the NEXA chain of retail outlets. NEXA started with premium Crossover model S-cross into the market. The models available through NEXA outlets are Ignis, Baleno, Ciaz, XL6, and S-cross. NEXA- the name expands as New Exclusive Automotive Experience and the name says all that each customer can experience. The outlets are designed to the premium and employed to cater to each of the customers with the utmost care and to provide full-fledged buying experience. NEXA has 350 plus outlets spread across 206 cities in India and by 2019 October they reached the milestone of 10 lakh sale. NEXA blue is now a prestigious color for Maruti cars and is an innovative creation from Maruti NEXA.

2016 - Maruti Commercial

Apart from passenger vehicles Maruti has two commercial vehicles in line and is Super Carry and Eeco cargo. Being into the new line of business Maruti had formed a new channel for commercial category vehicles and is Maruti Commercial. This channel is fast growing with 300 plus distinct outlets over 230 cities in India.

2017 - Maruti Suzuki Arena

Maruti Suzuki Arena is a step put forward to give the customers a total buying experience with the help of technology. Most of the customers do a lot of research before they reach the ideal vehicle/car for the family. And all these are done through a lot of services available online. Maruti collaborated on the customer's characteristics with technology and real-world experience through the new channel Arena. By registering one’s contact number with the application, the customer can go through all the available models, specifications and all. At Arena, one can have the real-world experience as same as with the application. Well trained customer care executives and interactive displays are arranged to do a quick check. The will also assist each of the customers to identify and finalize the car. Maruti Suzuki Arena is a place where you can have the perfect buying experience.

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