Factors to Consider While Buying a New Car in India

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Factors to Consider While Buying a New Car in India

Owning a car is a long-cherished dream for many. Many have saved money for years or undertake detailed budgetary planning for buying a four-wheeler. Maruti, one of India’s most loved car brands, has been the pioneer that made premium cars achievable for the common man. After them, many others followed suit and focussed on the pricing of the models.

The perceptions of car buyers have changed over a period. Initially, mileage was the only concern of the customers. Safety elements and technical features have taken the front seat nowadays, while fuel efficiency has lost its importance.

The decision to buy a new car is inspiring and pleasant. The changing times have made four-wheelers a requirement rather than a status symbol. Relevant factors have to be considered before buying a new car in India. Car is an asset that should perform without complicated technical issues, throughout the lifetime. Further, it should meet the expectations and plans of the owner. Some factors could be deliberated while buying a new car in India.

What’s the Budget?

Cars from every price range are available in India. Let it be below five lakhs or ten lakhs. Or premium SUVs that cost around fifty lakhs or more.  A plethora of models from every segment is available in the country. More often than not, it confuses car buyers. Understanding one’s requirements vis-à-vis the features offered must be the basis for finalizing the car model.

Before considering the models and evaluating or comparing each, determine the budget. The car should not be a burden on the monthly budget. Cars installed with advanced features are available in each segment. Fix the budget allocation prior to proceeding with checking out different models.

Resale Value of the Car

This point here may be surprising for many. What’s the resale value of the car doing in an article discussing car purchase!? Ironic it may sound, but the resale value of the car has to be analyzed for choosing the right car. A new car’s value starts depreciating the day it reaches the customer. Even though selling is not in one’s interest, it is normal to upgrade the four-wheeler after years of usage. On average, an Indian uses a car for about eight to ten years. Selling the car at an unacceptably low price may turn painful. At the same time, it will not face much reduction with a proven model that has high resale value.

Technical and Safety Features

We Indians were not keen on both these factors earlier. Integration of technical advancements at par with global standards has become normal. The cars available in India nowadays have outstanding features installed. Moreover, the brands are keeping it on high priority to ensure customer safety during an unfortunate incident. Consequently, most of the cars are coming with safety features including ABS with EBD, reverse parking sensors, and airbags. In addition to these global NCAP ratings may also be taken into consideration.

The variant of the Car

Diesel or petrol, high-end variant or lower versions; such questions may arise while buying the car. To buy a full option top-end vehicle may be based on the fund availability and cost-effectiveness of the additional features offered. Concerning the fuel variant, it may be determined according to the usage. Presently petrol and diesel price difference is meager. Therefore, the diesel car must register many thousands or lakhs of kilometers to make good the extra amount spent for buying the diesel variant. Study this factor and proceed with the variant accordingly.

Inspection and Test Drive

The car must meet the customer’s requirements. The interior spacing, leg space, and boot space must be checked to confirm whether it suits the needs or not. A normal hatchback may be an ideal option for a small family. Having said that, the dimensions of the car will vary depending on the model. In addition to going through the brochures indicating the dimension, a physical examination of the vehicle will be useful. Test drive is another vital factor while buying a new car in India. Schedule a test drive to check out the on-road performance of the car, the functionality of the features, road visibility, and feel during the drive. It is not necessary to buy the car after the test drive. It is the buyer’s decision to choose that one or go for another model. Test-driving different models from the same segment will be useful for comparison.

Buying a car is a decision taken after deep contemplation, for a majority of the Indians. Most of them may require additional funds as well, for owning the car. Reputed car dealerships like Indus Motors help customers to check out the models and choose the right one. Besides offering support to obtain financing to meet the fund requirements.

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